Bylaws and Constitution Of the
Leisure and Sport Management Society
Of Elon University
Updated October 2005


Article I

Section I The name of the organization shall be the Leisure and Sport Management Society (LSMS).

Article II


Section I The purpose for this club is to unite the Leisure and Sport Management (LSM) majors and minors at Elon University and encourage participation of other interested majors, in an effort to further the professional advancement of its members and to promote service, academic support, career preparation opportunities, and a social atmosphere.

Article III

Section I
A. To become acquainted with the fellow LSM majors, minors and other interested majors at Elon University

  • To keep advised of current events in all areas of LSM.
  • To maintain communications with related professions, with administrators and with the public to promote interest in the field of sport and leisure services.
  • To act as a social service organization in an attempt to gain experience in planning, promoting, executing, and evaluating sport and leisure related activities.
  • To encourage professional advocacy.
  • To enhance the education of the members and to encourage professionalism among the future recreators and sport professionals.
  • To suggest ideas for curriculum revision and serve as a voice of LSM students to the faculty.

Article IV


Section I Membership in this club shall be open to all students and current alumni of Elon University who meet requirements as provided in the bylaws.

Article V


Section I The officers in the club shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Marketing. These officers shall perform the duties prescribed by the bylaws and shall constitute the Executive Board of the LSM Society.

Section II The officers shall be elected by popular vote of eligible members at the last regular meeting, prior to spring break annually. Newly voted executive officers shall shadow and work closely with the existing board members for the remainder of the spring semester, to assist with their transition into office for the following year. Interested officers must submit a short letter to the executive board, outlining their reasons for seeking office, at the meeting previous to the voting date. Terms of the office shall be one (1) year. Officers may succeed themselves in the same office during a second term, however, they must follow the process stated above, for subsequent voting consideration by the entire membership.

Section III Officers must be LSM majors or minors.

Section IV Executive Board Officers are expected to attend all scheduled meetings and be involved in all club activities. Attendance lapses of an officer will result in immediate removal from office, and a replacement sought from the current membership. Any officer may propose removal of a board member with the support of 2 additional board members and a subsequent majority (51%) vote of the membership at a regular meeting. No officer may be removed from office without first having an opportunity for an open hearing.

Article VI


Section I The Executive Board will be made up of the officers of the club. This committee will meet as needed as determined by the Executive Board.

Section II The standing committees of this organization are:

A: Service B. Membership and recruitment

C: Social D. Public Relations

  • Class Representatives

Section III Committee Chairs shall be appointed by the Executive Board after receiving a letter of interest explaining qualifications for the eligible position.

Section IV Ad Hoc committees are formed and dissolved at the direction of the President to

perform specific, on-time tasks, that will further the work of the club.

Article VII


Section I Regular and Executive Board meetings for the subsequent academic year will be established during the previous Spring Semester. Social events and/or other club activities will be organized on a semester by semester basis.

Section II Special meetings may be called by the President upon request by any five (5) active members.

Section III All members must be notified via email, telephone, or mail of a special meeting at least two days (48 hours) before the time of the special meeting.

Section IV Regular and special meetings will only be held during the Fall and Spring semesters while school is in full session. No student will be punished for being absent at Elon University during Winter Term.

Article VIII


Section I A quorum of this club is defined as at least 50% of the active members.

Article IX


Section I Proposed amendment(s) to this constitution or the bylaws of this constitution must be presented in writing to the recording secretary. After review by the Executive Board, a ballot listing the amendment(s) shall be distributed to each voting member one (1) week prior to the next meeting. Such amendments shall be adopted provided they have the approval of two-thirds voting membership.

Section II Amendments shall go into effect immediately upon vote.


Article I


Section I Members of this club shall consist of persons enrolled as full-time or, part-time students at Elon University.

Section II The LSM Society allows participation by all people meeting membership Requirements, regardless of sex, race, color, creed, or national origin.

Section III Dues are set annually by the Executive Board and will remain stable for each academic year. Dues are payable prior to the first school day in October and March, each Fall and Spring semester, to maintain good standing.

Section IV Eligible students may become members at any time during the academic year, after paying mandatory dues.

Section V Good Standing membership status requires satisfying the following requirements: 1) Pay dues for each academic semester, on or before the first school day in October and March; and 2) attend at least 1/2 of the scheduled meetings – each semester for which “on-time” dues are paid.

Article II


Section I Officers shall be elected by majority vote of members present during the last regular meeting – prior to spring break. Newly elected officers will work closely with existing officers for the remainder of the semester in order to gain experience and ease the leadership transition for their official term of office. Newly voted board members will officially take office immediately following the final regular meeting of the Spring Semester.

Section II The voting process for electing officers will consist of open floor, or self- nominations, at the second to last regular meeting prior to spring break. All interested officers shall submit a brief word-processed letter outlining their interests in running for office and be prepared to field questions from members in attendance.

Section III The officers shall hold one (1) year terms. Should an officer leave office prior to its termination, another person shall be elected, by way of the voting process explained in section II, at the next regular meeting to fill the position, except in the position of President. Should the President resign or otherwise be removed from office, the Vice President shall become the President and a new Vice President shall be elected at the next regular meeting.

Section IV No officer may be removed from office without first having an open hearing and then by no less than a majority vote at a regular meeting.

Section V Duties of the Officers

  • The President must be in good standing and hold freshman, sophomore, or junior status when elected. The President shall preside over all meetings, appoint committees, serve as a committee member if necessary, represent the club at all official functions, see that policies and objectives of the club are established and carried out, and serve as a liaison with the faculty advisor.
  • The Vice-President must be in good standing and hold freshman, sophomore, or junior s tatus when elected. The Vice President shall devise, plan, and organize special events for the club and its members. If the President were to be removed or remove him/herself from his/her position, the Vice President would take over as President. He/she will also advise the other executive board members and necessary committee chairs as necessary.
  • The Secretary must be in good standing and hold freshman, sophomore, or junior status when elected. The Secretary shall record and maintain accurate minutes of all club meetings, maintain files of committee reports, handle all correspondence, and notify class representatives, chairpersons and their committees, and members about meetings and activities. The Secretary shall compile, post, and email minutes for all regular meetings, to all members no later than one-week following each regular meeting. The Secretary shall maintain records of all past and current LSM Society members and post these lists for full membership viewing.
  • The Treasurer must be in good standing and hold freshman, sophomore, or junior status when elected. The Treasurer shall receive, record, and hold funds of the club; distribute funds as authorized; and prepare an official written financial statement to be presented at each regular meeting. The treasurer must attend all required SGA budget hearings, meetings or sessions – and fully represent the financial goals of the LSM Society to the University. The treasurer is responsible for preparing a comprehensive annual budget proposal to the SGA at the annual spring meeting – for fund requests for the subsequent academic year.
  • The Marketing Director must be in good standing and hold freshman, sophomore, or junior status when elected. The Marketing Director shall work with other executive officers and all members in advancing the efforts of the organization through appropriate campus and community outlets.

Article III


Section I A member shall be eligible to vote provided that all membership finances are current and otherwise in good standing with the club.

Section II A majority vote of present members shall decide all matters except Amendments to the by-laws. By-Law amendments require two-thirds of the vote cast as stated in Article IX of the constitution.

Article IV


Section I At the direction of the President, standing committees will be formed and dissolved to perform specific tasks that will further the goals and work of the club.

Section II These committees will be supervised by those officers stated in Article II Section V of the bylaws.

Article V

Professional Reimbursement

Section I Should funds be available to support professional conference and/or workshop attendance by LSM members – a percentage allotment of maximum available funds will be decided based on membership and good standing status over consecutive semesters according to the following formula:

  • 100% of maximum allotment will be permitted in the fourth semester of good standing membership status.
  • 66.6% of maximum allotment will be permitted in the third semester of good standing membership status.
  • 33.3% of maximum allotment will be permitted in the second semester of good standing membership status.

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