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Why Join?
There are plenty of reasons for you to consider joining a fraternity. But most of all, you must feel like you belong.

By joining a fraternity, you are choosing to associate yourself with a group of men who share common values and ambitions. Are these men campus leaders? Do they make good grades? Do they treat people with respect? Are they socially popular? Will associating yourself with these men help or hurt your chances of graduating, finding a job, or becoming a good parent some day?

Tough questions aren't they? We're not trying to make this difficult. We simply know from experience how much a positive fraternal experience can impact someone's life. Many of our alumni have helped each other find jobs, been roommates long after college, or stood as groomsmen at each other's weddings.

You don't join Lambda Chi Alpha for four years. You join us for life.

Thankfully, you can measure and judge the merits of a fraternity on a number of things besides your gut feeling. Here are a few things you should ask about while trying to decide which fraternity is best for you.

Is the fraternity's average grade point average among its members higher or lower than the other fraternities on campus? More so, is the GPA higher than the average GPA of all the men on campus? Like mutual funds, however, you should remember that past performance does not predict future performance Be sure to ask about study halls and minimum GPA expectations. We're please to say that in the last four years, we have had the highest grades among all fraternities.

Campus Involvement
While any fraternity will keep you busy with their activities, find out if they encourage their members to get involved in other campus activities. Lambda Chi Alpha tries to ensure that at least 80 percent of its members are involved in extracurricular activities Be sure to ask if any members serve on the Student Government, play varsity sports, or participate in school plays.

If you think of a fraternity as a small nonprofit business, then you can be assured that it will take good leaders to keep it superior to its competitors. Ask how many elected positions are available in each fraternity. Also ask how soon you would become eligible to hold an elected position. In Lambda Chi Alpha, you can hold an elected position even before you become a fully initiated member. You could even be president!

New Member Program
Many fraternities treat their new members as second-class citizens (often called pledges). Lambda Chi Alpha, however, does not tolerate such separation. The moment you accept our invitation to join, you become an Associate Member and gain the full rights of membership. You may vote at all chapter meetings and even hold an elected office. Since the average new member program can last up to two months, be sure to ask a lot of direct questions about how you will be treated during that time.

Social Activities
It's important to balance hard work with social activities. So be sure to ask if the fraternity will fill most of your weekends with social events that interest you? Do they hold parties with the women you hope to meet? Do they also plan things other than parties, like sporting or philanthropic events?

Are you looking for ways to help the less fortunate? Many fraternities support a wide variety of philanthropic causes each year. In the last seven years, our chapter has received Elon's award for philanthropic activities.

There are so many factors than can go into making the right decision. To help you come Lambda Chi Alpha to some of the other fraternities at Elon, we've built this handy Comparison Chart. We've also posted a chart of the many Awards that we have earned over the years. It's tough to remain objective, but these resources should help.