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For six out of seven years, we been honored with Elon's philanthropic and community service awards. We realize we are lucky to be attending college, to be surrounded by many friends, and to have the opportunity to help others. While Lambda Chi Alpha has a national philanthropic cause called the North American Food Drive, we also spend time helping organizations and people right here in our community. Here are a few of our most recent projects and a few upcoming ones.

Pumpkin Fest - Every Fall
Lambda Chi Alpha's North American Food Drive is the fraternity's largest philanthropy. We have established the goal of making a year-round commitment to a canned food drive. In the fall of each semester, the brothers use the philanthropy as a means to work with other Greek Organizations in Pumpkin Fest.

Pumpkin Fest was established in 1998, and has provided the brothers with a means to collect canned food goods from the sororities on campus as well as have a fun weekend of friendly competitions between the sororities. Pumpkin Fest has been largely successful and helped us earn an award from Lambda Chi Alpha International Headquarters by raising a total of "16, 720 pounds" of canned food.

Coupled with the community canned food drive, where the brothers look to the Elon Community for donations, there has been tremendous success in raising the canned food goods for the hungry in the area. All canned food goods are brought to Loaves and Fishes of Burlington for distribution.

David Smith Angel Tree - Every Winter
Before every Winter Vacation, the Chapter here at Elon has established the Dave Smith Angel Tree. This event is used to help gather money and toy donations for local children in the Burlington area around Christmas time. This year we saw participation skyrocket as enough money was raised, coupled with donations, to get over 100 toys for needy children in the area.

Ebony & Ivory Week - Every March
Lambda Chi Alpha has teamed up with Alpha Phi Alpha to promote racial unity across campus. Known as "Ebony and Ivory Week" the event has brothers from both organizations sitting in the Moseley center passing out "Hugs" (candy) and promoting racial awareness on campus.

In March 2000 , with at least four members of the organizations at the table, the campus was able to see the benefits of racial unity leading to friendship at work. Not only do the two fraternities team up to make everyone aware by appearance, but also, with a campus wide clean-up, look to better the campus. Both Chapters, near the end of the week, reach out even further to the Elon community by roaming around campus scouring for loose garbage in an effort to make Elon a better environment.