Your Doorway Home  Chapter Officers

Each and every one of our members is important to us. A few, however, have been chosen to serve us in various capacities. Here are the members that you might need to reach for first.

Office Name Phone E-mail
President Ryan Fairchild (703) 753-2205
Vice President (internal) Brian Farrell (336) 585-1997
Vice President (external) Steve Shand (336) 324-6978
Secretary Ian Glass
Treasurer Ryan Malloy    
Risk Manager Neil Wright (804) 779-2528
Social Chairman Zac Palmer (336) 278-4292
Recruitment Chairman Bryan Jacobs (301) 452-2908
New Member Educator Brian Parker (828) 652-8838
Academic Chairman Adam Benjamin (401) 789-7784
Ritualist Morgan Manchester (608) 592-3148
Alumni Relations Brett Cassel (336) 538-0373

Alumni Officers
In addition to our undergraduate members, we also have several alumni who serve in elected positions. These positions are open for re-election in fall 2003 (homecoming).

Office Name Phone E-mail
President David Stern (704) 366-5157
Vice President Damien Thompson (202) 320-5071
Secretary Brent Schroyer (704) 376-4441
Treasurer Russ Clark (301) 537-0939
Alumni Association President Chris Landino (704) 708-4667
Member At Large #1      
Member At Large #2