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As a general rule, students who belong to fraternal organizations actually make better grades than those who are nonmembers. In the Fall of 2001, non-Greek students earned a 2.94 GPA while the Greek organized had an average 3.06 GPA. Grades are important, we realize that. After all, we wouldn't belong to a fraternity if we weren't first enrolled in college.

Elon University Fall 2001 Semester Grade Report
New Members Initiates Chapter
Kappa Alpha Order 3.22 Pi Kappa Phi 3.05 Pi Kappa Phi 3.02
Lambda Chi Alpha 2.71 Lambda Chi Alpha 2.86 Kappa Alpha Order 2.86
Pi Kappa Phi 2.53 Kappa Alpha Order 2.85 Lambda Chi Alpha 2.85
Sigma Pi 2.27 Kappa Sigma 2.77 Kappa Sigma 2.74
Sigma Chi 2.22 Sigma Chi 2.65 Sigma Chi 2.63
Kappa Sigma 2.05 Sigma Pi 2.64 Sigma Pi 2.58
All Undergraduates 3 All Greek 3.06 All Non-Greek 2.94
All Female 3.17 All Male 2.74
All Female Greek 3.2 All Male Greek 2.77
All Female Non-Greek 3.17 All Male Non-Greek 2.71

Best GPA
Zachary Palmer, 3.85 in the Fall 2001

Most Improved
Bo Hamrick, 3.69 in the Fall 2001, up 0.9

Best Big/Little
Brett Lipman and Steve Carchoff, combined 6.02 in the Fall 2001

Best New Member
Brett Lipman, 2.98 in the Fall 2001

Those who improved over .5:
Croy Schroeder, Eric Berg, Brian Feeley