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More Than Four Years
College might end in four years (five or six for others), but your fraternal experience doesn't have to. And for most, it won't.

While our chapter is young and has fewer than 250 alumni, Lambda Chi Alpha is fortunate to have more living alumni than any other national fraternity. Why is this important? Well, it's simple, you have a better chance of bumping into a Lambda Chi than someone who belongs to any other fraternity.

If you have ever thought this is a "small world," just wait until you spend the rest of your life discovering that your boss, neighbor, or a coworker is also a Lambda Chi. In essence, by becoming a member, you become a part of a vast network of members that you can call "brothers."

While our chapter's contribution to this "alumni network" is small (so far), we have members who have gone on to all parts of the world to pursue their careers. Most of our members reside on the East coast, but some have moved out West, Central America, and even Africa.

This section of our website will help you learn about our members and help them stay in touch.