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About Jordan Lake Watershed
About Jordan Lake Watershed


Water runoff within Jordan Lake Watershed (JLW) will end up in Jordan Lake.


Water from Jordan Lake is released though the dam into the Cape Fear River where it travels to the coast near Wilmington, NC.


Jordan Lake Watershed shown in white

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Jordan Lake and some of it's major streams are on the nation's impaired waters list (303d). Changes to how we use our water supply will have to be made. The Jordan Lake Rules, set to be implemented in the near future, provide ways in which we as a community can help clean our water supply.
Streams in JLW Metro Areas in JLW Counties in JLW

-North and South Buffalo Creeks

-Big and Little Alamance Creek

-Haw River

-Stinking Creek
-New Hope Creek

-Northeast Creek

-Third Fork Creek

-Bolin Creek

-Morgan Creek




-Chaple Hill














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