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    Impacting Your Water Quality

      Everyday human activity, as simple as washing the dishes, puts a strain on the local watershed. The form of pollution the average citizen contributes to the watershed is called Non-point Source Pollution, which is the process by which pollutants enter water systems through stormwater, natural erosion processes, land clearing, pesticide and fertilizer application, roadways and various other activities.

      Nutrients and Pollution attach electomagnetically to soil particles suspended in the water (Suspended Solids). Paved surfaces carry this polluted water to rivers before the suspended solids can settle out of the water. 

      The correlating sections offer alternatives for daily homeowner activities, lawn and garden care, agricultural production, as well as home and neighborhood storm water management that promote water health.  These suggestions are cost-effective solutions that can be easily implemented to restore the Jordan Lake watershed's water quality from its currently impaired state.
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