Note From the Editor

Issues in Political Economy began nearly a decade ago with the goal of developing a forum to increase the understanding of economics among undergraduate students. The original journal was conceived and cultivated by dedicated students and faculty at Bellarmine College in Louisville, Kentucky.

Beginning this year Elon College and Mary Washington College have inherited the sponsorship and editorial responsibilities of Issues in Political Economy. Through the determination and energies of several exceptionally committed faculty members, this year’s journal continues the tradition of enhancing undergraduate student writing, creative abilities, and analysis in the medium of economics. While the guidance from faculty advisors has been crucial, this publication is primarily the result of undergraduate students and their voluntary efforts.

This year Issues in Political Economy received many insightful, well-written works from students throughout North America. The numerous, high-quality paper submissions represent considerable interest in economics from students in a diverse variety of majors. Any undergraduate student, regardless of major, is urged to submit a paper pertaining to economics to the journal through a faculty sponsor. All papers submitted for publication are refereed by student reviewers and editors. Roughly one-third of the submitted drafts were accepted.

Issues in Political Economy greatly appreciates the patience and assistance provided by involved faculty and sponsors. In particular, we would like to acknowledge the work of Mahua Barari, Steve DeLoach, Gary Durden, Steven Greenlaw, Greg Lilly, Maria Minniti and Elizabeth Topping. Thanks shall be directed to all those who have been acknowledged for being instrumental in past issues. This journal builds on the foundation carefully created by its thoughtful predecessors.

In addition, a special thanks is in order for professors Tina Das and Steve DeLoach of Elon College, and Steven Greenlaw of Mary Washington College. Their enthusiasm and encouragement has been invaluable to the publication of this journal. They have actively promoted the awareness of a wide range of topics in economics.

In conjunction with this journal, Issues in Political Economy also continues to coordinate the student presentations at the Eastern Economics Association Annual Meeting. This year’s meetings were held in Boston, Massachusetts and consisted of five sessions. There was a diverse group of presenters and their participation sparked discussions and initiated thought about a variety of economic issues.

Hopefully, this edition of Issues in Political Economy will continue to aid the flow of ideas and research.

Samuel K. Allen