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This workshop was designed to share with faculty and administrators from colleges and universities a range of best practices, strategies, course development materials and a handbook for two of the fastest growing study abroad programs. Through presentations and working sessions faculty and administrators learned about the structure and content of these courses, and what resources are available to help them in course development. In addition, during the workshop professionals in the international field provided the audience with knowledge about placement considerations and served as contacts to assist professors and study abroad administrators with the logistics of preparing courses. Participants obtained a handbook that aided them in the process of program development and they had access to an interactive website which helped disseminate information after the workshop.

This workshop addressed strengthening the links between academic knowledge and international service learning and internships. The overall goal of the workshop and subsequent activities was to enhance the quantity and quality of these types of study abroad programs.

The workshop was divided into modules. Discussion topics included:

  1. International Service Learning and International Internships Definitions and Practice
  2. Pedagogical Issues
  3. Ethical Issues
  4. Course Preparation and Design
  5. Student Placement
  6. Supervision of Students
  7. Academic Rigor and Credit
  8. International Service Learning Case Study

For more information, please contact:

Mónica Pagano, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of International Programs
Elon University
Laura Roselle, Ph.D.
Professor of Political Science
Elon University