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About the Haw River Trail Logo

The Haw River Trail logo was adopted in 2006 in order to help bring awareness to the unique beauty of the river and to the efforts underway to create a recreational and conservation corridor. 

The two columns of the logo's "H" design are created by representations of textile mill towers, in recognition of the many historic mills that populate the river's edge.  These mills are inexorably linked to the history of the river as both a positive and a negative force.  But as we move into a new century, the ongoing rebirth of these mills is helping to enhance the natural experience provided by a trip down the Haw River.  The intersecting line of the "H" represents the river, with green paths on each side representing the Haw River Trail. 

Many thanks to Henderson Bromstead Art of Winston-Salem for the gracious donation of their services in developing this logo.