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First and foremost, the Haw River Trail is a cooperative effort.  We work only with willing landowners who wish to conserve and share their property to make the Haw River Trail a reality.  In doing so, we make every effort to use all the tools available to make land conservation financially as well as personally rewarding.


There are a number of grants, tax deductions and other programs that allow landowners to be compensated for protecting their property from development or allowing Haw River Trail access.  It is not necessary for landowners to stop occupying, farming or otherwise using their property in order to participate in these programs.  In some circumstances, landowners may be able to simply sell property located near the river for conservation or trail access.


Although none of these programs offer get rich quick schemes for landowners, the financial incentives available allow homeowners, farmers and others fair compensation for making unselfish choices about the future of their property.  To learn more about these programs, or to speak to us about the options available for your property, please contact us.