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Success Story: Nalls Donate 2 Acres for Haw River Trail

     When George and Jerrie Nall bought two acres of riverside property next to the historic Glencoe Mill Village in 1999, they didn’t plan on giving it away.  In fact, they didn’t know what to do with the property, but they knew it was a special piece of property, in a special place.  Seven years later, when the Nalls learned about the Haw River Trail, they finally discovered the perfect fit for their riverside land.

     The Nall parcel is located on the Haw River, just over the Highway 62 bridge as it heads out of Burlington.  As a result, the land is seen by thousands of passers-by every day.  The Nalls saw this as an opportunity to spread the word about the Haw River Trail’s conservation through recreation initiative.  In Spring 2007, George and Jerrie Nall donated the tract in memory of their son Steven Keith Nall, for use as a paddle access and educational focal point of the Haw River Trail.  Now Alamance County residents and visitors to the historic Glencoe Mill Village can learn about conservation and recreation opportunities on the Haw River while enjoying the river first hand.  This highly visible property draws the public off the road and serves as a trailhead for the Haw River Trail, a part of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail network.  The property also expands access to the Haw River Paddle Trail by opening a key access point below the Glencoe Dam.

    The Nalls’ story is one example of how the Haw River Trail is once again bringing our community together around the resource that has been at the center of social and economic life in this region for centuries: the Haw River.

Haw River at Nall Property

Haw River at the Nall Property