Habitat for Humanity is an organization that builds houses for underprivileged families. Each year our goal is to raise funds and awareness for Habitat as a whole, but also for our specific chapter.

Our chapter sponsors one house per year in Alamance County with the funds that we raise. In order to raise this money we hold many different fundraisers throughout the year.

One of the main ways we raise funds is through hosting profit shares with Elon sports teams and local restaurants. Each year we also sell and deliver carpets to Elon students to use in their dorm rooms.

At our weekly meetings we host an event called the Square Foot Club. Square Foot Club is an opportunity for donors to sponsor a square foot, or several square feet of the house we are building.

So far this year we have raised approximately $7,000 for Habitat for Humanity. We have raised this money in many different ways. At the beginning of every school year Habitat sells carpets for students to use in their dorm rooms. These carpet sales are one of our biggest fundraisers throughout the year.

We have also held many different profit shares with local restaurants such as Red Bowl and Mellow Mushroom. Customers can place their receipt in a bucket at the restaurant to donate a portion of their total to Elon's chapter of Habitat.

Additionally, we volunteered at concession stands at Elon's football games. Members of Habitat work the concession stand to earn a portion of the stands income during the game. We also hosted a tailgate at one of the football games. Members served different snacks and drinks, and we collected donations for Habitat. This spring we set up a coffee cart on campus for one week and sold coffee and donuts to Elon students, professors and staff. We have plans to co-sponsor an Elon baseball game this spring. At the game we will collect donations and sell baked goods to people at the game.