Endgame Step 2  //  Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Since being introduced to dpkg/APT, I have become loathe to install things that are not all nicely .deb'ed. I have got to say, however, that once I got going with the Sun Grid Engine installation, things went off without a hitch (well, except for one). It did pay to have everything planned out like I did, though. For details, see the endgame plan.

The snag I hit during the SGE install was a small one (I hope). It turns out, ARCo (Accounting and Reporting Console) of SGE fame requires something called the Sun Java Web Console. In a fanstastic case study of companies that have gone Open-Source-but-only-sorta, ARCo is distributed openly, but the Sun Java Web Console is not. That being said, it is downloadable, but only in the Red Hat RPM format for Linux systems, which doesn't help us much.

I had the misfortune of thinking that alien would save me. I was wrong. We are going to go without ARCo for now.

Next up is MPICH2 tight integration with SGE.



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posted by Christian @ 6:49 PM

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