We're Up  //  Sunday, November 23, 2008

All eight grid nodes have been set up. I decided to forgo the imaging option for the more antiquated install and copy config files option. For eight machines, it wasn't that bad, and I was able to use dselect, dpkg, and apt-get to my advantage.

All eight machines share users via NIS, and also share /home and /mpi. To my knowledge, MPICH2 is set up correctly, and I don't need to touch that anymore. If I get a chance before the December 11th go-live date, I may attempt to upgrade to the newest version of MPICH2 (1.0.8, we're currently using 1.0.7), just so the next semester's class has the newest features and bugfixes to work with.

The next step is the SGE install, which I am currently planning. See what I am calling the Grid Endgame Proposal, with attached SGE Installation worksheet.

Next time I post, SGE ought to be up and running. Cross your fingers.



posted by Christian @ 2:07 PM

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