This documentary series has been made possible by the efforts of many. Below are just some of the people and organizations which have been a part of our fight against AIDS.

Website by Head Chemists Publishing
Elon University
Project Pericles
Elon Television

Namibian Film Commission
Namibian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Ombetja Yehinga Organisation
Catholic AIDS Action
Lironga Eparu
United States Peace Corps
Ekulo Senior Secondary School

Elon University students, faculty, and staff:

Periclean Scholars Class of 2006
James Brown
Nancy Midgette
Gerald Francis
Leo Lambert
Paula Rosinski
Kim Rippy
Marion Aitcheson
Linda Lashendock
Carolyn Nelson
Jaleh Hagigh
Lawrence Vellani
Robert Anderson
Katherine McNeela
Robert Garner
Scott Myrick
PJ Buckley
Paul Parsons
Brad Hamm
Outside funding:

Pfizer Philanthropy provided crucial funding for the Janurary 2004 travel. Without their vision and caring this series would not have been possible.

This series was also made possible by a generous grant from an Anonymous donor.

Flow Automotive Kernersville
Arm and Hammer Corporate
Avis Car Rental ŠSouth Africa headquarters

Additional US connections:

Bill Bondourant
Jim Hilboldt
Paula Luff
Jennifer Lissfelt

Namibian contacts:

Lucy Steinitz
Philippe Talavera
Rianne Selle
Ingrid Orvedal
Tinah Rajaal
Victoria Kangethe
Leonard Shikololo
Vaino Mutota
Rianne Selle
Edwin Kanguatjivi
Rebecca Walters
Bethany Hedt
Antia Isaacs
Irja Narajalongo
Zachary Arcaro
Sera Arcaro