There are many ways to support our fight against AIDS in Namibia. One way is to make a direct contribution to one of the non-governmental organizations (NGO's) working on the problems associated with HIV/AIDS. Another way -no less important- is to become more informed about the pandemic and its many impacts.

We recommend donating to the following organizations: (will open in a new window)

Catholic AIDS Action
Stephen Lewis Foundation
Namibian Research Institute HIV & AIDS Pandemic
HIV Insite: Namibia
SynergyAIDS: Namibia

How can you volunteer in the fight against HIV/AIDS:

Help us sell our DVDs and CDs and/or play them in you school, church, or home. Collect books and/or have a book drive at your church or school. Organize a fundraiser and donate the money to one of the AIDS organizations mentioned above. Educate others: