Dr. Tom Arcaro is a Professor of Sociology and Director of Project Pericles at Elon University. He has been working on global social justice issues for many years, and has used his involvement in documentary filmmaking to raise awareness about issues such as modern slavery, global poverty, and the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
J. McMerty is a Producer at Elon University and editing instructor in the School of Communications. He has produced and directed over 15 award winning TV productions and is helping build a solid documentary film program at Elon.
Bryan Baker is the Senior Audio Producer at Elon University. He has produced numerous music cd's for faculty and staff at Elon, and is the editor and producer of the music video "Don't Be Stupid."
Katrina Taylor is a 2004 graduate from Elon University. She majored in film communications and minored in dance. She is involved in many social justice related projects and has been involved with HIV/AIDS issues in Namibia since 2003.