This short introductory video will be a feature on all of the individual dvd's.

Maturisa Ehinga in the Otjiherero language of northern Namibia means, "We are fighting AIDS" or simply "Fighting AIDS." The documentary series, "Maturisa Ehinga: We are fighting AIDS," includes video footage, photographs, and interviews collected during two journeys to Namibia, Africa by representatives of the Project Pericles Class of 2006 at Elon University. In cooperation with Elon Television, Elon faculty, and Periclean Scholars, Project Pericles will use these documentaries to educate a variety of audiences about Africa, Namibia, and HIV/AIDS.

This series includes a short (6 minute) overview of the global problem of HIV/AIDS and introduces each of the four documentaries. This series answers the question "How are the people of Namibia, Africa responding to the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS?" Each documentary is self contained and has a unique feel and focus, but taken together this series will provide a comprehensive picture of the strength, courage, and passion of the Namibian people as they struggle in this new war against AIDS. Educational materials are being developed which will assist both teachers and learners in gaining as much as possible from each documentary.