Brennan Farrell
Elon Soccer

I grew up in a Christian household and my father led me to Christ when I was about 9. Looking back on growing up, I never got deep into any kind of trouble. At the time I thought it was my conscience keeping me out of some of the stuff my friends got into, but now being more spiritually mature, I know that it was the Holy Spirit without a doubt. My Junior year in high school was when I really started taking being a Christian seriously and actually trying to live it out everyday. Up until then, I was not very bold and I don’t know if anyone would ever accuse me of being a Christian, which is a good thing. I attended a men’s bible study with my father my Junior and Senior year and God began turning the wheels in my head and getting me on his path. I got a scholarship to Elon to play soccer and my first semester I was not involved with any Christian organizations or bible studies on campus.  My second semester I got involved in two bible studies on campus and over the summer going into Soph year, I decided to start a soccer team bible study. Our team had the bible study my whole sophomore year and the majority of my junior year. Spring semester of my Junior year, God really worked in my life more than He ever has and got me involved with FCA. The key to God acting in your life is earnestly desiring Him to intercede in your life and asking Him to, and BELIEVING that He will do it. Believe that your prayers will be answered if they are in accordance with His will, and you know what God's will is by reading the bible and applying it to you life.


2005-2006 Fellowship of Christian Athletes - Elon University
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