September 29, 1999

Mr. Gerald O. Whittington

Vice President Business & Finance

Elon College

Campus Box 2285

Elon College NC 27244-2020

Re: Campus Master Plan

Minutes of Week One On-campus Sessions

SFA #1196.05

  1. Facilities Master Plan Advisory Committee (Meeting No. 1)
    1. Committee composition
    2. Committee Members:


      Steve Braye Ann Simpkins Jeff Clark Pam Kiser Tom Green George Sleek


      Chris Fulkerson Alan White Mark Albertson Dean Bruno David Blackman

      John Burbridge Carol Pace


      John Gardner Elizabeth Pollard

      Steering Committee

      Leo Lambert Gerry Francis Gerald Whittington, Chair

    3. Schedule
    4. Spillman Farmer Architects (SFA) will be on campus the following days:

      October 5, 6, 7 - on-campus study

      October 12, 13 - meet with trustees

      October 19, 20, 21 - on-campus study

      November 16, 17, 18 - on-campus study

    5. E-mail address on campus:
    6. E-mail address at Spillman Farmer Architects:

    7. Dr. Francis outlined the president’s developing strategic objectives for Elon College for the next 10 years.
    1. For planning purposes, SFA will use an increase in enrollment of slightly under 100 per year which, over 10 years, would statistically equate to the following (which is not a strategic goal):
    2. Jan. 2000 - 3740 undergraduates, 260 graduate students or 4,000 students

      Jan. 2010 - 4000 undergraduates, 500 graduate students or 4,500 students

    3. Bob Spillman reviewed the on-campus study process and urged campus-wide participation. The work room will be Moseley 221. SFA representatives will be Robert A. Spillman, FAIA and Daniel L. Harrigan, AIA


  1. Residential Life

Attendance: Francis, Whittington, Jackson, Spillman, Harrigan

    1. Jackson will provide SFA with breakdown of housing units by location, composition and capacity.
    2. The campus has an excellent mix of housing types in 5 areas: west, east, north, Greeks, Danieley Center (over 90% live within walking distance)
    3. The expansion of Danieley Center contains a potential 400 beds if living rooms are used as resident rooms. Current capacity is 320, with 10 per unit in freshman space, 8 per unit in sophomore / junior space and 4 per unit in senior space which has ovens for full service preparation of meals. SFA is particularly impressed with the concept and with the commons food service component. (It is more than a snack bar and has been functioning very well.)
    4. Sloan, Virginia, Hook-Brannock-Barney & Chandler-Maynard-Moffit: need air conditioning (radiant cooling?)
    5. Carolina & Smith: traditional double loaded dormitories with gang bathrooms, need air conditioning and more commons / study space.
    6. Jordon with recent renovations works surprisingly well. Consider modest facade improvements.
    7. Consider integrating faculty apartments in resident hall renovations and new construction.
    8. Good bicycle storage at residence halls would encourage greater bike use.
    9. Later observation: lighting of recreation fields would assist security perception to Danieley Center.
    10. Potential locations for additional housing:
    11. East and west of Danieley Center

      Jordon Center

      East of south campus greenhouse

      Rental units for graduate students. Use of in-town properties

    12. The goal is to have 20% of juniors and seniors live on campus (now 17%)
  1. Love School of Business and Related Programs
    1. Short Term Needs
      1. Faculty office space (SFA prepared sketch for creating 9 new faculty offices on second floor of Long and creating 1 additional classroom and seminar room on first floor.) (Net gain: 7 offices, substitution of 1 seminar room for 1 classroom)
      2. Increasing enrollments in both undergraduate and graduate programs (800 undergraduate majors in economics, business administration, accounting, 100 MBA students) Need for more classroom space.
      3. Entrepreneurial leadership office for the entrepreneurial program. Development of the Elon General Store and Elon Publishing House - perhaps on Williamson Ave. (Barth Stremgate)
    2. Long Term Needs
      1. Management training for executives. A program designed particularly for small and mid-sized companies. Groups could come on campus for 2-3 day programs, ideally to a location near to a conference housing facility. (A model is at Appalachian State University.)
      2. Development of an international MBA program. Ideal program for Elon, particularly because of location and strong undergraduate interest in study abroad programs.
      3. As the graduate programs grow, there will be a need for a graduate school building.
      4. The issue of graduate student housing should be studied.
  1. Technology Center

Attendance: Fulkerson, Francis, Whittington. Spillman, Harrigan

    1. The board will be presented with a 3-year plan for technology encompassing staffing, hardware and software and generating the need to bring together technology support:
      1. Staff (1/3 increase, or more)
      2. Test-bed lab
      3. Teaching classroom
      4. Hardware copier
      5. Mainframe computing
      6. Networking functions
      7. Academic computing (or left in library where it is currently scheduled)

Approximate space requirements for all of above: 10,000 SF±.

Alternate locations: Winn-Dixie building, new building, or on the main campus

  1. Athletics & Recreation Needs, Future Convocation Center

Attendance: White, Whittington, Francis, Spillman (later the architects from Ellerbe Beckett: Bredar, Radtke

    1. Short Term Needs
      1. Stadium which will seat 8250, expandable to 20,000. New parking for 150 will be provided southwest of stadium, 447 on existing hard surface and 650 on grass (non-irrigated fields) for 1100 - 1200 seats. Parking is based on 80% capacity less walkers from campus, assuming 3 occupants per car. Minimal bus delivery. SFA will put new site plan on master plan and study extension of roads. Schedule calls for completion for 2001 season.
      2. There is a need for additional recreational fields for softball and soccer. Elon would like to add lacrosse and track and field programs.
      3. Elon may decide to develop an Allied Health Program to include physical therapy, exercise psychology and sports medicine, ideally centralized in Koury. Relocation of athletic offices to the stadium is under consideration as is expansion of the field house. There is a need for an athletic fitness center.
      4. Classes extend past 5 PM, and lighting of recreation fields is desirable.
    2. Long Term Needs
      1. Not in the current strategic plan, but a possible future need is the requirement for a Convocation Center to seat at least 9000 for graduation. The ideal facility could house concerts, convocations, community use as well as basketball and volleyball. SFA will look for model plans that work well for non-sporting events. Lehigh, Furman and Appalachian State University have such facilities. Koury Gym could then be rescheduled for alternate campus activities.
  1. The Academic Village and Graduate Programs

Attendance: Lambert, Francis, Whittington, Spillman

    1. SFA noted that there is no central focal point for the humanities and suggested the first floor of Alamance as a possible location. Identity is needed for the new Center for International Studies, perhaps in combination with Carlton. Centralization of the humanities in the South Campus buildings creates an "academic village" for the liberal arts.
    2. Carlton Hall is in need of office renovations.
    3. SFA will study alternate sites for a future Graduate School building. One potential site could be where East Building is located if Physical Plant is relocated north of Danieley Center or to the Winn-Dixie Building.
    4. Graduate programs will increase in the next 10 years. Potential programs include: Master of Educational Technology, Master of Fine Arts, Master in Communications (perhaps top floor of McEwen), International MBA, Master Leadership Program.
  1. Other Planning Consideration
    1. Security
    2. Security is overcrowded in Jordan Commons. Eight people use one desk and twenty-four people share one toilet. The campus has eight police officers with 2-3 working at one time. Ideal arrangement would include processing room, evidence room, office space, reception, work room, etc. Functions include tram service, traffic, security, police and campus safety. Potential locations include Winn-Dixie and North Hall.

    3. Town-College Cooperation
    4. Subjects for discussion include the use of Firehouse Fields, graduate student housing, town need for a recreation park of 30 - 50 acres, space for a town maintenance building, new post office, and commercial development of the Williamson Avenue area. SFA developed a concept sketch for a pedestrian mall and town focal point. Of primary interest is developing the new campus / town entrance from the by-pass connection to Williamson Avenue.

    5. Campus Support Space
    6. It would be ideal to relocate accounting, purchasing and human relations together (or in close proximity) on-campus. A potential location is the first floor of Carolina in which case another residence hall would be required at Danieley Center.

    7. Winn-Dixie Uses
    8. SFA will study alternate uses which include campus inn, graduate school, technology center, security, physical plant and landscaping, or as a "holding area" for programs displaced during renovation / construction projects. SFA will also prepare a facade study and a site plan for this area.

    9. Land Acquisition
    10. The principle is to acquire strategically located land. Identified strategic parcels are:

      Property east side of North O’Kelley Drive

      Property west side of North O’Kelley Drive

      Elementary school property on Haggard Avenue

      Miscellaneous house properties within campus boundary

      The railroad will become a fenced-in, high-speed line with fewer road crossings to the immediate south of the campus boundary. It will be a physical barrier to campus expansion in this direction.

      SFA intends to develop a campus property / boundary map including the by-pass.

    11. Gerald Whittington described Elon succinctly, "Great product, great price, in a great part of the world." Our charge is to continue to improve quality and expand the product for the next decade.