October 22, 1999

Mr. Gerald O. Whittington

Vice President Business & Finance

Elon College

Campus Box 2285

Elon College NC 27244-2020

Re: Campus Master Plan

Minutes of Week Three On-campus Sessions

SFA #1196.05

1. Meeting with Susan Sigmon, Associate Registrar (10/19/99)

a. When Mooney and McEwen Halls’ renovations are complete, the basic classroom needs will be met for current programs and student population but not excess classrooms for growth. Mooney will have 9 general purpose classrooms, McEwen 6.

b. Model Arts Center pressures will be relieved when McEwen is completed and communications leaves Model.

c. Koury classrooms (9) are heavily used.

d. McMichael pressures would be relieved as physical therapy is ultimately relocated.

e. Ideal classroom is a 750 - 800 SF classroom holding 37 students comfortably. Alamance classrooms are good size, but elevator service is needed here as a priority, also in other academic buildings such as Powell.

2. Meeting with Gerald Dillashaw, Dean of Health Promotion, Leisure and Human Performance (HPLHP)

a. Move physical therapy out of McMichael and build 30,000 SF for physical therapy and 20,000 SF for potential health-science programs. (SFA identified 2 potential sites for new construction: in the new east section of the academic village or next to McMichael on the east side.)

b. The Alamance Regional Medical Center (ARMC) helps fund physical therapy. (SFA later drove to ARMC. It is new and attractive.)

c. A gait analysis lab is needed right now, approximately 50' x 50' with high video cameras and a force plate in the floor. Possible locations are Elon West or East Gym. SFA to investigate requirements.

d. McMichael lacks student study / commons space.


3. Meeting with Institutional Advancement Staff (Bruno, McKenzie, Ruth, McGeary, Basker)

a. Holland House is overcrowded with office space, has no off-street parking and is not ADA accessible. It is a good image for alumni / parent reception and is a good location: easy to find, close to president. It is currently being renovated for more office space.

b. SFA will study expansion options, including potential of removing or removing the adjacent house east of Powell house.

c. College relations is public relations. Institutional advancement is fund-raising.

d. In an ideal scenario, the ‘back room" activities, including phonathon, work areas, records, conference space could be separated from the "wine and dine" and reception activities.

e. Institutional advancement would like the availability of a space like the Isabella Cannon Room in Model for hosting / dining groups up to 60. (Is McKinnon used this way?)

4. Meeting with Neil Bromilow (10/19/99)

a. Reviewed developing master plan concepts.

b. Renewal where departments are located:


Powell 3: Political Science, Geology

Powell 2: History

Powell 1: Admissions, President


Duke 3: Computer Science

Duke 2: Mathematics

Duke 1: Financial Aid and Career Services


Long 1 & 2: Long School of Business


Whitley: Overflow space


Koury: Health, Physical Education


Model: Music, Theatre, Art (Communications / Journalism moving)


McMichael 3: Chemistry

McMichael 2: Physics

McMichael 1: Biology

McMichael G: Physical Therapy


Carlton 3: Religion, Philosophy, English

Carlton 2: English, Foreign Languages

Carlton 1: Print Shop (moving)??

Honors (moving)

Academic Computing (moving)

Alamance 3: Psychology, Sociology

Alamance 2: Human Services, Social Services & Dean

Alamance 1: Bursar, Registrar, Advising, Provost, Business & Finance, International Studies, Faculty Mail Room, Residential Life


c. Disk showing bypass is coming from N.C. DOT.

d. Recommends mechanical space be depressed for AC to serve older buildings.

e. Need more "fun", "rathskeller" type spaces for students: add room to Danielely Center commons, improve lodge building, downtown, indoor / outdoor space at Harden and McEwen dining halls. (SFA visited lodge property.)

f. SFA likes outdoor sitting areas, outside classrooms.

g. SFA met Janet MacFall in McMichael and requested a digitized GIS map for campus area and environs; gave her a disk of our map.

h. Meeting adjourned after brainstorming mascot names!


5. Facilities Master Plan Committee (10/20/99)

(Spillman, Harrigan, Whittington, Pace, Kaiser, Clark, Poland, Simpkins, Sleek, Fulkerson, Blackman, Albertson, Lambert)

a. The committee endorsed the following planning concepts:

(1) Encourage campus growth within campus area to the north to the bypass, to the east and west to the bypass intersections. Southern boundary will be the high speed railway.

(2) Work with the town to develop a vital business / retail district supporting the college community. Develop the visual images along Haggard Avenue to the bypass intersections, particularly to the west.

(3) Future student housing to the north and east, retaining the Jordan Center site.

(4) Develop academic village to the east of South Campus.

(5) Move landscape and physical plant to Elon West (Winn-Dixie site). Committee expressed concern about print shop at Elon West.

b. Review of minutes of previous meeting and preliminary report to trustees.

c. Report on developing concepts by SFA:

(1) "Wrap around" addition to the north end of Model including a new second floor to provide approximately 26,000 SF of new space and new image for that end of building. This would probably satisfy theatre, music, art and dance requirements for the next 10 years.

(2) Construct a new 2-3 story building for Physical Therapy (30,000 SF) and potential Health Services programs (20,000 SF). Location: Academic East area on South Campus or adjacent to McMichael on east side.

d. The print shop could have several drop-off points or, perhaps, there could be an "Office Max" location on campus.

e. Expressed need for additional convenient faculty / staff parking. Make campus more bicycle-friendly. SFA is studying expansion of tram system.

f. Graduate study will be integrated into the academic village, not in a separate "graduate center."

g. Expressed need for short and long term needs for additional faculty office space.

h. When Security moves, Jordan Center Commons could be a "fun" space for students.

i. Use outdoor space for a small amphitheatre forum and classroom space.

j. Need high visibility for the Center of International Studies, perhaps in first floor of Carlton.

6. Steering Committee Meeting (11/20/99)

(Spillman, Harrigan, Lambert, Francis, Whittington)

a. SFA will provide more specific proposals for Alamance and Carlton and related departments, including use of Whitley.

b. Gait lab potential locations: West Elon or East Gym. SFA to investigate. Does it really have to be 50' x 50' x 20' high?

c. Lambert likes idea of getting administrative offices out of Alamance - maybe to Duke and/or Carolina, providing space for deans of the college in Alamance.

d. Long is ideal for arts and sciences (such as psychology and/or sociology) expansion when business school moves.

e. The Isabella Canon Center for International Studies could encompass study abroad, international studies major, media center and foreign languages. Study strong entry to Carlton.

f. Are the Carlton second and third floors larger lecture rooms needed? How can the second and third floors be improved?

g. Duke third floor has an ideal classroom with PC’s, work area and lecture area. SFA will review this for future classrooms.

h. SFA will provide a planning concepts summary for Gerry Francis in next 2 weeks.


7. Downtown Committee (subcommittee of LRP Committee) (10/20/99

(Brad Hamm, chairman, students, and faculty)

a. Strong support for downtown shops to support student needs.

b. Suggestions fell into 2 general categories: services and entertainment.

Services suggestions: general store, drug store, dry cleaning, "Kinkos", specialty clothing, newsstand / bookstore, little theater for second run movies, pharmacy, "Wellspring" grocery store, 1-hour photo, music store.

Entertainment suggestions: alternatives to the "Lighthouse, unique ethnic restaurants, small "night clubs" of intimate variety, outside dining.

c. Support for a town square or city park, pedestrian paths and bikeways.

d. It was a good meeting. This is a great opportunity for the college and the town, just as has been proven at Miami University in Oxford OH, Oberlin College and Penn State.

8. Long School of Business (10/21/99)

(Spillman, Harrigan, Burbridge)

a. Short term needs is for 26 faculty office spaces. (SFA later delivered 3 alternate schemes to Francis, Whittington and Burbridge.)

b. Long term need is for a business school building.

c. Executive training programs, aimed at small- and medium-sized businesses should be linked to a 50 room inn.

d. SFA will study a new idea: could a business school plus a 50 room inn be linked at the East building block site? The great advantage would be that the inn’s multi-purpose room could support a 200 to 250 seat space (divisible) while a new business school building could not. The inn, perhaps with parking below on this sloping site, could be an "off-balance sheet" project.

9. Technology Center (10/21/99) (Spillman, Harrigan, Murphy, Fulkerson, Whittington)

a. A review of program requirements indicates that the first floor of Smith will probably meet technology program support requirements, except a high technology 40-seat demonstration classroom. SFA will develop a concept scheme in greater detail.

b. More specific requirements were discussed based on a distributed memorandum:

(1) 30 work stations (same in PC support area)

(2) Testing room / demonstration laboratory should have 35 seats.

(3) Services will need to be consolidated in a 20' x 30' room.

c. Murphy asked if a 24-hour computer lab could be in the Technology Center. SFA to advise. Security and access are issues.


Robert A. Spillman


cc: Whittington (via e-mail)

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