Incident Report

Faculty are expected to observe all applicable safety regulations, properly use all protective devices and safety equipment provided by the university and work in a safe manner. Faculty are encouraged to bring any unsafe or unhealthy condition or practice to the attention of his/her supervisor and/or the university safety officer.

No matter how insignificant an on-the-job injury may seem when it occurs, the faculty members should notify the supervisor immediately and the supervisor must complete an injury report form. In addition, faculty are required to submit a statement explaining the injury/accident. Supervisors must contact the office of human resources as soon as they learn of an on-the-job injury. The office of human resources is required to file an injury report within five working days of the injury, regardless of the faculty member’s need for immediate medical attention. Copies of the injury report form are available in the office of human resources or on the human resources Web site.

Faculty injured at work but not at a time when the health center is open should visit the Doctor’s Urgent Care Centre located at 1713 South Church Street in Burlington. The emergency room at Alamance Regional Medical Center should be used only for life threatening emergencies.