Employee Benefits For Teaching Faculty


A.  For Teaching Faculty

  1. Long Term Disability

a.    A faculty member teaching at least 24 semester hours per academic year is eligible for long term disability (LTD) coverage. If an employee becomes totally disabled due to a covered injury or sickness and has not worked for 180 days, the employee will be eligible to receive a monthly benefit equal to 70% of his/her basic monthly income. This benefit may be reduced by income benefits from certain other sources listed in the certificate of coverage.

b.    b. For details of eligibility or a copy of the Long Term Disability certificate of coverage, contact the Office of Human Resources.


  1. Group Health Insurance

a.       Eligibility

1.)   The university makes available a health insurance program for qualified employees and their eligible dependents. Full-time university employees teaching at least 24 semester hours per academic year are eligible for Elon's group health insurance plan. A significant portion of the cost of the insurance is borne by the university. Coverage is effective the first month following 30 days of employment.


2.)   A waiting period for pre-existing conditions exists for employees who enroll in the group health insurance plan. Details can be found in the "Pre-existing Conditions" section in the “Group Benefits Program for Employees of Elon University.”  The waiting period can be waived if the faculty member has been covered by another health insurance plan immediately prior to employment with Elon and he/she brings a statement to that effect from the previous employer.

3.)   Employees covered by the group health insurance program may enroll eligible dependents. Eligible dependents include spouse and unmarried children (including legally adopted, foster and/or stepchildren) from birth to their 19th birthday or to their 26th birthday if they are attending a licensed or accredited school as full-time students.

4.) The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) is intended to ensure portability and availability of health coverage by limiting the extent to which pre-existing condition exclusions may apply, requiring special enrollment periods, and providing standard eligibility requirements.

A pre-existing condition is any limit on or exclusion of benefits for a condition that was present before the date the participant enrolled in the plan. Thus, if an individual has a condition that was not diagnosed or that was last treated more than three months before his/her enrollment date, no exclusion may apply to the condition.

In order for the plan to determine the maximum amount of time that claims for pre-existing conditions can be excluded from coverage, the group health plan must determine the amount of an individual’s prior “creditable coverage”. The exclusion period is reduced by the aggregate periods of creditable coverage, except that an individual loses credit for all creditable coverage if he/she has a break in creditable coverage for a period of 63 days or more.

Group health plans should provide certifications of creditable coverage to individuals when an individual loses coverage under the plan or begins COBRA coverage and again, when the individual loses COBRA coverage.

Employees should reference the Group Health Benefits booklet for more information or contact the office of human resources.


b.      Changes in Status
Faculty should notify the office of human resources within 31 days of the event when:

1.)    There is the expected birth of a child (including legally adopted, foster and stepchildren). This expected child should be added within 30 days of his/her birth or within 30 days of the final approval for adoption or the care of foster or stepchildren.

2.)    The faculty member’s child reaches the age of 19 or age 26 and is no longer a full-time student

3.)    The faculty member’s child under the designated age limit (19 or 26) marries. He or she is then ineligible for medical coverage.

4.)    The faculty member becomes married or divorced

5.)    The faculty member enters and/or is discharged from military service

6.)    The faculty member’s spouse or dependent dies

7.)    The faculty member’s current address changes


c.       Continuation of Group Health Insurance

For continuation of coverage, the faculty member should consult "COBRA Continuation of Coverage" in the “Group Benefits Program for Employees of Elon University.”


  1. Life Insurance

    Term Life Insurance equal to two and one-half times their annual base salary up to a maximum of $750,000 is provided to all active full-time faculty who teach at least 24 semester hours per academic year. The university pays the full cost of this benefit.

  2.   Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
    Faculty who teach at least 24 hours per academic year are eligible for accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage in the amount of five times their annual salary rounded to the next higher multiple of 1,000 if not already an even multiple of 1,000.  Faculty should refer to the group insurance certificate received at the time employment began with the university for eligibility information.
  3. Retirement Program

    The university retirement program with Teacher's Insurance and Annuity Association and University Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF) provides opportunity for each participant to contribute a percentage of his/her annual salary (pre-tax) while the university also contributes a portion of employee's annual salary toward the purchase of the annuity. Participation is required of all active employees who teach at least 24 semester hours per academic year. Eligible employees are required to participate in the plan after completing one year of employment. The one-year waiting period may be waived if the faculty member participated in a retirement plan at a non-profit organization immediately prior to employment at Elon University. Eligible employees should refer to the information provided by the office of human resources which was supplied at the time they became eligible for participation in the retirement plan. The retirement plan is intended only to supplement social security benefits upon retirement.
  1. Social Security

    Generally, all employees are covered by the Federal Social Security Act. A required percentage of salary is deducted from earnings to pay the employee's portion of this protection and the university matches the deduction dollar for dollar. The plan is designed for future security of the employee and that of dependents and provides for retirement, disability, death, survivor and Medicare benefits.
  1. Workers’ Compensation

a.       The university carries insurance to cover the cost of work-incurred injury or occupational disease. Benefits help pay for medical treatment and part of any income lost while recovering. Specific benefits are prescribed by law depending on the circumstances of each case. To be assured of maximum coverage, faculty must report work-related accidents immediately to their supervisor and the office of human resources (278)-5560 which will file a timely claim. North Carolina law requires reporting of on-the-job injuries within five days after knowledge of an injury.

b.   There will be no compensation during the first seven days of illness or injury absence due to a job related incident. Worker's Compensation begins on the eighth day and compensation is based on 3/4 of an eligible employee's regular salary.

c.       The employee normally will assume his/her former position upon return to work; however, if the employee is deemed unable to return to his/her former position due to restrictions arising from the illness/injury, then the university will make every reasonable effort to place the employee in another opening suitable for the university's needs.

d.      Any benefits payable under Workers’ Compensation are subject to approval by the Workers’ Compensation carrier.


  1. Flexible Benefits/Cafeteria Plan

The university has a flexible benefits plan that allows eligible employees to select among one or more non-taxable benefits consistent with Section 125 of the IRS code. Qualified employees who participate in this program will be reimbursed for qualifying medical expenses under Code Sections 105(b) and 106 and qualifying dependent care expenses under Code Section 129. The plan also enables eligible employees to convert their premium contributions for health insurance from an after-tax expense to a pre-tax expense. The office of human resources has complete details of this plan. Open enrollment for eligible employees in the plan occurs in November each year with an effective date of January 1 of the next calendar year.

  1. Other Benefits

Discounts are provided to Elon University employees by a number of merchants in the Burlington area. Additionally, a number of theme parks also offer discount programs. A comprehensive list of discounts being offered Elon employees is available in the office of human resources.



B.    For Administrative Staff with Faculty Rank, and Academic Support Staff with Faculty Rank

Staff should consult the following sections of the Elon University Staff Manual, section IV, for corresponding staff benefits:

IV-1     Accidental Death and Dismemberment Policy

IV-5     Change in Status

IV-8     Flexible Benefits Plan

IV-9   Group Health Insurance

IV-10   Group Health Insurance – Continuation

IV-14  Long-Term Disabilities Insurance

IV-18   Retirement Program

IV-19   Social Security