Withholding Tax


For Full Time and Teaching Faculty, and
Adjunct Faculty, and

Administrative Staff with Faculty Rank, and
Academic Support Staff with Faculty Rank

All new employees must fill out withholding certificate, W-4 Federal Income Tax Form and NC-4 State Income Tax Form in the office of human resources at the beginning of employment. These forms must be completed before an employee can be paid. Failure to complete these forms will result in an employee not being paid at the scheduled time. Each employee is responsible for furnishing the payroll office with a revised W-4 and NC-4 form in case there are changes in tax status, including reaching age 65 or a change in the number of exemptions taken.

Any teaching faculty member wishing to make a change in the number of exemptions for summer school payroll periods, should fill out appropriate tax forms at least 2 weeks before payroll dates.