Maternity Leave


 A.  For Full Time Teaching Faculty

1.            Maternity leave for the period of disability caused or contributed to by pregnancy, childbirth and recovery therefrom will be granted to maintain continuity of employment and continuation of university benefits. In accord with federal law, pregnancy-related medical conditions will be treated the same as any other short-term medical disability.

2.            An employee desiring to take a personal leave of absence for maternity should advise her department chair or supervisor as soon as possible of the date that her leave is to begin and of an approximate date of return. The employee should then complete an application (available in the office of human resources) for leave under the Family Medical Leave Act. Maternity leave may be approved for up to eight weeks (40 days), unless there are medical complications related to the childbirth which merit consideration for an extension of the absence; such extension may be granted under the Family Medical Leave Act. A doctor's statement verifying physical ability to return to work is required. Arrangements should be made by the employee to make advance payment for the continuation of benefits after a leave of absence has been arranged.

3.            An employee absent on maternity leave not more than eight weeks is entitled to the same or similar position without loss of employment benefits for which she was eligible on the date her leave began.

4.            An employee may request additional leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act in excess of maternity leave (up to four additional weeks). The policy on FMLA will apply. Requests for additional leave should be made through the office of human resources.

5.            Fathers seeking paternity leave for providing care to a newborn or adopted child should apply for leave under the Family Medical Leave Act. Requests should be made through the office of human resources.

B. For Administrative Staff with Faculty Rank, and
Academic Support Staff with Faculty Rank

Staff members should consult the Elon University Staff Manual, Section V-5, for the current policy on maternity leave.