VI – 2

Academic Council


Leo Lambert

President, without vote   and/or                     

Gerald Francis   Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, without vote
Lisa Carloye 2001-2004 At large
Jeff Clark, chair 2001-2004 At large
Yoram Lubling 2001-2004 At large
Tim Peeples 2001-2004 At large
Anne Cassebaum  2002-2005 Faculty Member – Fine Arts and Humanities
Barbara Taylor  2002-2005 Faculty Member – Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Jim Bissett, chair 2002-2005 Faculty Member – Social Sciences
Doug Redington, vice chair  2003-2006 Faculty Member – School of Business
David Copeland 2003-2006 Faculty Member – School of Communications
Mike Calhoun 2003-2006 Faculty Member – School of Education
Jana Lynn Patterson 2003-2006 Faculty Member – Acad. Support Staff w Faculty Rank