Print Services

A.     The university provides print services for faculty and staff, including daily delivery of print items to departmental offices.  Print services is located at Elon West (406 West Haggard Avenue). The service is provided in a priority order to ensure that the vital functions of the university progress at a steady uninterrupted pace.

B.     Priority for Reproduction of Materials

1.      Tests

2.      Class materials (course outlines, reading lists, handouts, etc.)

3.      Office duplication needs

4.      Official faculty correspondence


C.     Lead Time for Completion of Request

    1. Material that is to be reproduced from copy in final form requires a minimum of 24 hours (3 working days) advance notice with consideration for the amount of material submitted.
    2. On request printing will be done only as time permits.
    3. Faculty and staff are asked to provide extra lead-time during mid term and end of semester exam periods since requests for reproduction increase substantially.

Items may be sent electronically be using the following web site: http://www.elon.edu/auxiliary/printshop.htm.