Parking Regulations


A.     Faculty and Staff Parking

  1. Automobiles parked on campus must be registered with the campus safety and police office, 202 N. Williamson Avenue (Jordan Center), and a registration sticker must be displayed on the vehicle. The sticker is to be placed on the right hand side of the rear bumper. Staff stickers permit the faculty and staff members to park in the assigned areas.
  2. There is no cost to faculty and staff to obtain one or more parking stickers.
  3. To obtain a parking sticker, faculty and staff must take their carís make, model, license plate, car registration, and their driverís license to the security traffic office.
  4. Faculty and staff needing replacement stickers should take information on their new car to the campus safety and police office.They should try to remove as much of the old sticker as possible and take it in with them.
  5. Parking stickers are not renewed each year, but periodically they do change.When that happens, faculty and staff will be informed via e-mail and letter that they need to replace their sticker(s).

B.     Guest/Visitor Parking

1.      Guests and visitors to campus during the day are invited to park in the visitor parking lot at the Moseley Center.Guests to campus in the evening may park in any lot on campus, even those labeled for only faculty and staff.

2.      Faculty who are expecting a guest are urged to call the campus safety and police office (278)-5555 to obtain a guest parking pass, or to put information in the guestís windshield identifying them as a visitor by date and by faculty/staff member who may be contacted about their vehicle.

C.     No parking areas include areas designated as "fire lanes," "handicap spaces," "tow-away zones" or "maintenance spaces." All persons are expected to abide by the parking regulations and to pay parking fines for violations promptly.