Instructional/Departmental Materials & Budgets


A.     Office Supplies

The purchasing department has negotiated a contract for office supplies. Departmental secretaries have details for ordering office supplies.


B.     Departmental Equipment and Materials

In order to centralize purchasing, all purchases and services that are to be charged to the university should be accompanied by an official purchase order. Those people requesting goods or services should allow ample time to obtain quotations and properly place the order. The procedure to use is as follows:

1.      Purchase request forms should be obtained from the purchasing department.

2.      Purchase request forms should be completed, including information on: quantity, description, unit price (if available), budget classification and where the purchase is to be used. The department chairperson or supervisor should sign the purchase order, indicating approval.

3.      The faculty member should receive two copies of the purchase order when approved. The green copy is to be used as a receiving report. The pink copy is for departmental files.

4.      Both pink and green copies should be kept until goods or services are received.  The faculty member, chair or secretary should then sign, date and return the green copy to the accounting office. This copy will be attached to the invoice and processed for payment

C.     Departmental Budgets

Departmental budgets are established each year as a part of the annual budget process. Departments should not overspend budgets. Purchase orders will not be issued if there is are insufficient funds to cover the expense.