Student Handbook and Honor System


Faculty are asked to familiarize themselves with the Student Handbook which is revised each summer and posted to the Web before the start of each fall semester, (http://www.elon.edu/students/handbook/) . The Handbook is both a resource guide and a policy manual.


A.The Student Handbook contains information or links to the following topics:

  1. Description of campus services and programs
  2. Campus policies
  3. A listing of all student organizations and their advisors
  4. The student government association constitution
  5. Information on the alcohol and drug policy, state laws, and resources to help students and university employees with substance abuse problems
  6. Academic policies and procedures (access to educational records, academic advising, class attendance, grade appeal procedure, etc.)
  7. The academic calendar and exam schedules
  8. A listing of student life staff and their areas of responsibilities

B. The Student Handbook contains the following information on the honor system: 

1.      Academic and social student conduct policies with their definitions, scope and sanctions

2.      The honor system statement of the academic and social honor codes

3.      The student judicial system - the philosophy and principles guiding the system, and procedures used to provide fair consideration

NOTE: Student behavior that is disruptive or impedes others’ learning in or out of the classroom or is considered harassment to the professor, should be reported to the assistant vice president for academic affairs. The assistant vice president will address the incident or forward it to the assistant dean of students. Academic honor code violations are handled by the assistant vice president for academic affairs in the office of academic affairs.