The Office of University Relations



A.     Statement of Purpose

The Office of University Relations exists to cultivate the understanding and support of Elon University by publicizing the work of its students, faculty and staff to internal and external audiences. The office provides print and electronic publications to support university efforts to recruit students, attract friends and alumni, and raise money from private sources. The Office of University Relations is located at 401 E. College Avenue. Mail: 2030 campus box; phone: 278-7415; Web: www.elon.edu/universityrelations. The efforts of the Office of University Relations are focused in four areas: news bureau, publications, photography and the Elon Web site.

1. News Bureau: The Elon University news bureau disseminates news and information about the university to the news media and edits and maintains the E-net homepage. The news bureau distributes a faculty experts resource guide to the news media and assists faculty and staff in interacting with the news media. The office is a member of ProfNet, an online service through which news media worldwide place requests for information. The office also works with faculty in developing op-ed articles for newspapers and magazines.

2. Publications: The Publications team produces printed marketing materials for major events and external audiences, including alumni, donors and prospective students. The major pieces include the quarterly Magazine of Elon, all admissions material, the Provost's Report and publications for the Office of Institutional Advancement.

To assure Elon's distinctive look, the department has developed a graphic standards manual for using Elon University's logo, typefaces, paper stock and layout grids. The guide is available online at www.elon.edu/graphics. Requests for Elon University stationery should be directed to the director of purchasing, 278-5580. Requests for modifications in the stationery from the standard design should be directed to the director of design, 278-7415. If you are planning to produce a publication, please visit our Web site at www.elon.edu/universityrelations, for a detailed publications guide.

3. Photography: The Office of University Relations works closely with members of the Elon University community to provide photography to publicize and promote the institution in online and printed publications. Services include the following:
Services include:

• Faculty and staff studio portraits for use in publications and the online directory
• Photography documenting university history, events, and specified memento photographs
• Photography for Institutional Advancement, University Relations and marketing publications
• Photography for stories in the Magazine of Elon, @Elon, and the E-net! Web site
• Providing electronic copies of university images to faculty and students for use in publications as requested
• Maintaining an electronic database of images
• Providing local and national news media with photographs as requested

University Relations uses an all-digital photographic system to better meet the needs of publications created for use online and in print media. We can send digital image files to members of the Elon community. Those files can be printed at area photo processing outlets. If you need to have your photograph added to the online directory or would like to update your current photograph, contact the photography office at 278-7412 or e-mail at jsturm@elon.edu to have a studio portrait taken.

4. Web services: The Web Services Team located within the Office of University Relations creates and maintains pages on much of the Elon Web site, including the home page, Admissions, Academics, E-net!, Administration, Student Life, Advancement and Athletics. To schedule a meeting to discuss your office or department Web site, contact the director of Web content and admissions publications, at 278-7419 or visit our Web site at www.elon.edu/universityrelations for a detailed Web Services guide and complete contact information.

The Elon University Web policy

The Elon University Web site operates under a policy developed by the office of university relations and the Web site advisory committee. The policy is as follows:

1. Scope of the policy

This policy shall apply to all http material residing on any server on the Elon University computer network.

2. Purpose of the Elon University Web Site

The purpose of the Elon University World Wide Web site is to further the mission of the university by providing an electronic information and communication service that will be of use to all the university's constituencies. The Web site serves as a resource that contains general university information, public relations and admissions information, information about departments and organizations, current news and schedules, information about students, faculty, staff and alumni, and links to and suggestions about Internet resources beyond the university. The site also serves as a critical academic resource, hosting class sites, course projects, student work, teaching resources and research projects. Users of the Elon University Web site are interactive participants who create and access information on the site.

3. Web Site Responsibilities

a. Technical maintenance of the Elon University Web site computer servers shall be the responsibility of the office of information systems and technologies.

b. All university, department, organization and/or personal Web material should reside on the official Elon University web site servers. No other http servers should be operated on the university network without special permission from the Web policy advisory committee. Permission shall be granted based on appropriate academic or administrative need.

c. Policies for the Elon University Web site shall be set by senior staff on recommendation of the office of university relations and the web policy advisory committee. Membership of the committee shall be set by the director of the office of university relations in consultation with senior staff.

d. Creation and maintenance of the system, software, files and core content of the Elon University Web servers shall be the responsibility of the director of web content and design in the office of university relations. The director shall administer all server accounts, enforce all Web policies, maintain a high standard of quality for pages on the site and be responsible for the Elon University home page, all top-level menu pages and home pages for departments and organizations that do not have the resources to create their own pages. Priority for this page creation shall be set by the office of university relations in consultation with senior staff.

e. Academic and administrative departments/programs are encouraged to produce their own Web pages on the Elon University Web servers by appointing an individual who will take responsibility for the content. The department/program may have more than one individual create, update, and maintain the material as long as the individual responsible for the site approves the content and materials. The individual that is responsible shall have their name and e-mail address placed on every page produced by the department or organization.

f. University-sanctioned student organizations may produce their own Web pages for the Elon University Web servers by naming a Web site manager whose name must be reported to the office of student affairs along with the names of the other organization managers. The organization's name and a contact e-mail address shall be placed on every page. Organizations that do not maintain an active site manager will lose the right to hold a Web page.

g. Individuals who are responsible for the content of a department or organization Web page must remove all outdated materials and delete all files that are no longer in use.

h. Departments, organizations and individuals that wish to place information on the Elon University Web site should contact the director of web content and design to obtain an account and password along with technical information. All account holders must read and agree to follow the Elon University Web policy.

4. Web Site Content Policies and Guidelines

a. General Policy

1.) Elon University recognizes the value and potential of creating files of electronic information on the Internet. The university administration, departments, programs, organizations, faculty, staff and students are encouraged to publish information consistent with the mission and policies of Elon University. Information placed on the Elon University Web site plays an important role in developing and maintaining the strong reputation and image of the university. It should be creative, diverse and in good taste. The Web site is an open public document available to anyone, anywhere in the world. Those who place information on the site must realize the responsibilities inherent in this form of electronic publishing.

2.) Content of all electronic pages must comply with local, state and federal laws including, but not limited to, copyright, libel and indecency statutes. Photographs and personal information about an individual must not be included without the appropriate permission.

3.) Content of all electronic pages must be consistent with the mission, interest, standards and policies of Elon University.

4.) The use of Elon University Internet resources for on-going private business or commercial activities shall be prohibited. Fund-raising, merchandising, solicitation, or advertising on the Elon University Web site by university departments and organizations will only be allowed with permission of the Web policy advisory committee.

5.) Faculty, staff or students who wish to use Elon University Internet resources to host a site for an organization not affiliated with the university must receive permission from the Web site policy advisory committee. Permission will be granted based on consistency with the mission of the university and the demand on Web resources.

6.) Elon University reserves the right to restrict or limit the file sizes of any department, organization or individual in order to conserve limited server resources.

7.) Elon University reserves the right to remove any page from its servers at any time without prior notification to the creator of the page. The creator of the page will be notified of this action, and appeal of the removal of a page may be made to the Web policy advisory committee.

8.) Violation of Web site policies may result in immediate revocation of Elon University Web site personal page publishing privileges, and possible further disciplinary action against the person responsible for the violation. All university disciplinary policies and penalties apply to violations of Web site policies.

b. Department and Organization Home Pages

1.) Academic departments are encouraged to create pages that are creative and unique. As part of a department's home page, there must be links to the official academic department information pages created by the director of web content and design that include the following information from the Elon University academic catalog:

a.) General information about majors
b.) Degree requirements
c.) Course descriptions

Departments may supplement this information on their home page with additional information such as syllabi, etc.

2.) Departments and organizations are encouraged to design their pages in a style that is harmonious with the top-level Elon University pages. The director of Web services/Webmaster is available to offer templates and consulting service to anyone creating material for the Web site.

3.) Faculty and staff are not required to have a personal home page in their department's listing and may withhold personal information from their department's page. Each department should list its campus box address along with the name, title and office phone number of each faculty and staff member.

c. Official Elon Web Site Style Policies and Guidelines

1.) Because Web visitors can enter a page directly, without going through the Elon University home page or another top-level page, it is important to identify each page as part of the Elon University Web site. Therefore, every Web page must contain the following:

a.) Full name and e-mail address of the individual or department responsible for that page
b.) Date of last update
c.) Link to the top-level page of the site’s web material

Top-level pages must contain the "Return to Elon" icon and link to the Elon University home page http://www.elon.edu .

2.) All uses of the Elon University graphic identity must be linked to the official Web site images located on the server. No other use of the university logo or typemark is allowed on the Web site.

d. Personal Page Policies

1.) Elon University encourages all faculty, staff and students to create personal home pages as a professional development and growth opportunity. While the content of those pages must be consistent with the mission of the university, it should also reflect the creative talents, unique abilities and interests of the individual. All personal home pages must be linked and listed in the personal page directories reserved for students and faculty/staff. The directories will be maintained by the director of Web services/Webmaster.

2.) Directories for all Elon-linked personal home pages must contain the following disclaimer:

"ATTENTION! This area is reserved for personal home pages of Elon University (students) (faculty/staff). The information and opinions here reflect individual thoughts, tastes and activities. They do not necessarily reflect official policies or positions of Elon University.

Individual page providers assume all liability and responsibility for information on their personal pages. Elon guarantees no previous-to-publishing editorial control or review over the content.

Information on Elon University's Web server may not be used in any manner prohibited by law or disallowed by licenses, contracts, copyrights, or university policies and regulations. If you encounter any violation of the above restrictions, please let us know by e-mailing web@elon.edu, or writing the director of web content and design, Office of University Relations, 2030 Campus Box, Elon, NC 27244.

Elon University reserves the right to remove any page from its server at any time without prior notice to the creator of the page."

3.) In addition, each personal home page (the top-level page of a site) must contain the following statement:

" Please read the following disclaimer in regard to this personal home page material." (The word disclaimer will be a link to the full text as written above.)

e. Changes to the Policy

The World Wide Web is an evolving medium and this policy is written based on current technology and use at Elon University. Suggestions for updates and changes of the policy may be directed to the Web policy advisory committee, which will periodically revise the policy as necessary.

Policy approved by Web Site Advisory Committee (6/98)