Posting of Signs

Posters and signs may be posted by faculty, staff, students, or student organizations in approved areas. Faculty members who serve as advisors for student organizations should be sure that the organizations are familiar with the regulations below:

A.   Types of Postings

1.   Signs/Posters: All signs/posters must be in good taste, consistent with university policies, and shall not contain sexist, racist, profane or derogatory remarks, or nudity.

2.   Banners: Recognized student organizations and university offices that wish to publicize an event by using a banner must obtain permission from the director of campus center operations at least two weeks before the banner is to be hung. All banners must be professionally made and meet appropriate university standards for height, width, and color (detailed information is available at the information desk at Moseley Student Center). The group must submit all information for approval prior to the making of the banner.

3.   Table tents: Recognized student organizations that wish to place table tents on the table of the dining halls, the Acorn College Coffee Shop and/or the Octagon Cafe should first have the table tent approved. Permission for placing the table tents can be obtained by contacting the director of campus dining services, (278)-5333.

4.   Chalk on sidewalks: Recognized student organizations using chalk on sidewalks must obtain permission from the director of campus center operations at least three working days in advance of the advertising date. The group must submit all sayings for approval. The organization must agree to use only chalk and must clean all areas within 24 hours after the event. Chalking of brick walkways is prohibited.


B.      Posting Approvals:  The director of campus center operations has overall responsibility for the posting/publicity policy. The following offices are responsible for approving posters and flyers on campus in the approved manner and places consistent with all rules described in the student handbook.

1.       Moseley Student Center -- any off-campus business, group, organization or miscellaneous items (e.g. banners, chalk, etc.)

2.      Campus Recreation -- athletic teams, campus recreation clubs

3.       Center for Service Learning -- service organizations

4.      Cultural Programs -- all programs and activities associated with the department of fine art

5.       Leadership Development -- media and leadership program

6        Religious Life -- religious organization

7.       Residence and Minority Affairs -- residence life staff and minority affairs

8.       Student Life -- recognized student organizations, Greek organizations, honor societies, and minority, international, departmental and campus life groups


C.      Posting Policies:  

1.   All sign or posters that are to be placed on the campus must be approved by the appropriate office. Signs and posters should be approved before they are duplicated.

2.   Following approval, a poster/sign may remain posted for a maximum of 60 days or until the "down" date indicated on the poster/sign. Individuals or groups who receive authorization are responsible for removing their posters/signs within 24 hours after the posting date has expired.

3.   No reference to alcoholic beverages may appear on any poster or sign. This includes, but is not limited to, BYOB or “Your Favorite Beverage”.

4.      Posting in residence halls: Only signs and posters approved by the appropriate office will be considered for distribution/posting in the residence halls. Students or recognized student organizations that wish to have signs/posters placed on residence hall bulletin boards must bring 80 copies of the approved sign/poster to the office of residence life. The residence life staff will place the information on the bulletin boards. Distribution to student rooms is not permitted.

5.       Posting associated with off-campus organizations: All signs/posters associated with off-campus organizations, programs, or individuals must adhere to the university policies and procedures. These signs may be posted no longer than 30 days on the off-campus bulletin board in Moseley Student Center and Alamance Building.

6        Approved locations for posting: Signs and posters may be placed on the bulletin boards throughout the campus as well as on outdoor kiosks. Signs and posters are not to be placed on walls, doors, windows, the balcony of Moseley Student Center, West Hall, and McEwen Dining Hall, refreshment machines, wood or plaster columns, or any other parts of buildings, including the colonnades.

7.       The only exception to the posting policy is the spring Student Government elections. During the 10 days prior to the election, signs and/or posters will also be permitted on the brick colonnades area on each side of Alamance Building. Signs or banners may not be suspended from the buildings. All posters and signs must be removed from the campus within 24 hours after the election.

8.       "For Sale/Hire" signs: All signs/posters that offer services and/or goods for sale or job opportunities may be posted on the "For Sale/Hire" board in Moseley Student Center and the kiosks. (This does not include campus organizations sponsoring a fundraiser.)

9.         Individuals or groups who post signs or posters in unauthorized locations will be required to remove the posters and may lose their posting privileges. Repeated violations may result in judicial action.