A.     Ordering.  For the convenience of faculty, staff, and students, the Campus Shop handles the orders of all textbooks and related supplies (See IV, 1). The order process functions in the following manner:


1.      Books

a.       Book order requests will be distributed to department chairs in September for winter term and spring semester, in February for summer term, and fall semester.

b.      These orders should be distributed, as appropriate, to faculty members. The forms should be completed and returned to the department chair by the required date.

c.       The department chair is responsible for making sure all book orders for his/her department have been submitted to the Campus Shop. The due dates on these requests are October 1 for spring semester and winter term, March 1 for summer terms, and April 1 for fall semester.

d.      Forms that are not completed properly will be returned to the department chair for completion.


2.  Course Packs

a.       Course packs are provided through Xanedu Custom Publishing. Please check the appropriate box on the book order request to receive more information or call the Campus Shop at ext. 5400.

b.      If a faculty member is interested in using a course pack, the Campus Shop will provide the custom publishing forms to be completed. These forms should be completed and given to the department chair for approval.

c.       Sufficient time must be allowed to process copyright approvals. Note: copyright approvals can take as long as 12 weeks.

d.      All copyrighted materials must receive approval for processing. Should any materials be denied, the faculty member will be contacted by the Campus Shop.

B.  Changing Orders.  If a faculty member decides not to use a particular book after requisitions have been submitted, the faculty member should notify the Campus Shop at once. 

C.  Supplementary Books. Members of the teaching faculty are urged to convey to the Campus Shop listings of supplementary books that will be recommended to the students. Whenever possible, these books will be made available for sale.

D.  Ordering Desk Copies. The Campus Shop can provide faculty with the telephone number(s) for the Publisher in order for Faculty to request desk copies. The Campus Shop does not loan, charge or order complimentary copies; this transaction is handled between the publisher and the faculty member.