Telephone Service


A.  Telephone Equipment and Services


1.   All faculty and staff offices are equipped with a telephone.  Phones have the following features programmed in:  malicious call trace, 3-way calling, call transfer, on-campus ring-again, last number redial, hold, and on-campus call forwarding.  Other features that are available upon request are:  speed call, call waiting, call pick-up, call forward busy and call forward – no answer.  Single-line speakerphones and cordless telephones for on-campus use may be purchased through the tel-com office.


2.   Additional features are available on multi-line phones, including:  dial intercom, no-hold conference, hot line, group call, make set busy, buzz and voice-call.  Accessories available for multi-line phones through tel-com are:  add-on modules (additional keys), digital displays and speakerphones (available in 8 and 16-key size).  Tel-com will provide explanation and/or a demonstration of features and accessories upon request (278)-5230.


3.   Accessories available for single and multi-line phones include:  headsets, long handset and line cords, phone cleaning pads, shoulder rests and tangle-free adapters.


4.   A high-quality speakerphone is available for us in conference rooms and classrooms.  This service is made available to faculty and staff by tel-com without any installation cost.


5.   Cellular phones and monthly service packages for departmental use must be obtained through the tel-com office.


6.   Voice mail is now avaliable on a limited basis to faculty and staff.  Tel-com can provide information on this service (278)-5230.


B.   Installation and Service Requests


Service requests must be filled out for a department to have additional single and/or multi-line phones installed.  A $40.00 fee will be charged for single-line installations, and an $80.00 fee will be charged for multi-line installations.  Service requests should be sent to the tel-com office by sending a memo to 2400 campus box.  Full departmental account numbers should be included in the request.

C.   Long Distance Calls

1.      Long distance telephone calls should be made only when absolutely necessary. Faculty members are encouraged to transact business through e-mail and written correspondence rather than through long distance telephone calls. 

2.      All calls that are made must be of an official nature.  No personal long distance calls are to be made over the university telephone system and charged to the university.  If personal calls are necessary faculty and staff should call collect, or use a calling card.

3.      All department chairs will receive a copy/copies of monthly departmental toll bill(s).  The total is automatically charged to the department’s account number.  Department chairs noting any unauthorized toll charges should contact tel-com so that investigation procedures can begin.


D.  Problem Calls

In the event of an unwanted or obscene telephone call, the person receiving the call should follow the practices listed below:

1.      Hang up

2.      Do not give any information until the caller has been identified

3.      If the calls continue, contact Elon University safety & police at (278)-5555, and begin keeping a record of the time and date the calls take place