Summer School


  1. The university operates a summer school. Instructors for summer classes are selected primarily from the teaching faculty in the established disciplines of the university. The university attempts to make summer school teaching opportunities available to as many full-time teaching faculty as possible.

  2. Summer school contracts are conditional based on student enrollment. The university reserves the right to cancel any class for which there is insufficient demand.  Instructors wishing to continue with an under-subscribed course may agree to do so with a salary pro-rated based on tuition income.  This arrangement should be discussed with the registrar who supervises summer school.

  3. Pay Policy.  Full time teaching faculty members are paid one-sixth of their annual salary for teaching two four-semester-hour courses or one-twelfth for teaching one four-semester-hour course. Faculty members who supervise internships during the summer should consult with the registrar for current policies regarding compensation for internship supervision.