II -1

Selection and Retention of Teaching Faculty


A.     The teaching faculty determine and recommend to the Board of Trustees standards for selection and retention of faculty members. The faculty searches are cooperative endeavors of the faculty and the administration based on a shared sense of responsibility. This cooperation begins before the search is authorized, with a thorough understanding of the nature of the position to be searched and the desired qualifications of the successful candidate. The faculty are recruited and selected through the cooperative efforts of department chairs, deans and the provost/vice president for academic affairs. The department chair shall involve department members in making, where appropriate, selection recommendations.

The chair, dean, and the provost/vice president for academic affairs must establish the case for the recruitment of a new teaching faculty member, stating the nature of the need, area of competence, and recommended rank. The search may commence when the provost/vice president for academic affairs approves the position.

The chair, department colleagues, the dean, and the provost/vice president for academic affairs cooperate in the search for candidates. Where possible a national search should be undertaken through professional "networks," graduate schools and advertisements.

Responsibilities at the chair, dean, and provost/vice president for academic affairs levels are outlined below for both full-time and adjunct teaching faculty.

1.Recruitment of Full-Time Teaching Faculty

a.       Chair

1.)    Initiates position request to dean following departmental consultation

2.)    Works with dean and department to define position

3.)    Organizes and coordinates search committee

4.)    Makes preliminary reference calls

5.)    Consults with department about final candidates

6.)    Recommends to dean, candidates for campus visit

7.)    Organizes candidate visits (with search committee chair)

8.)    Conducts formal interview with candidates

9.)    Supervises collection of supporting documents

10.)      Confers with department and dean regarding candidates

11.)      Recommends final candidate to dean

12.)      Coordinates letters to inform candidates of status of the search

13.)      Provides support to successful candidate (information about area, housing, book orders, etc.)

b.      Dean

1.)          Requests authorization to advertise and salary from provost

2.)          Authorizes timetable for search and EEO strategies

3.)          Places ads within budgetary guidelines

4.)          Approves candidate visits

5.)          Conducts formal interview with candidates

6.)          Makes reference calls for final candidates

7.)          Approves final selection

8.)          Completes negotiations and prepares contract

9.)          Supervises collection of documents for employee file

10.)      Supervises collection of EEO-related information on applicants


c.       Provost/vice president for academic affairs

1.)          Authorizes recruitment and expenditures for search

2.)          Verifies information submitted by deans for contract preparation and forwards information to human resources


††††† 2.†† Recruitment of Adjunct Faculty

a.       Chair

1.) Projects needs for adjunct faculty and discusses with department anddean

2.)    Recruits and hires adjunct faculty for approved needs, with appropriate inclusion of departmental faculty input on candidate(s)

3.)    Provides dean necessary contract information

4.)    Supports participation of adjunct faculty in selected activities (e.g., family weekend and adjunct orientation session)

5.)    Oversees preparation and performance of adjunct faculty and discusses with dean

6.)    Provides appropriate support to adjunct faculty in performance of responsibilities in line with institutional and departmental mission 

b.       Dean

1.)    Discusses adjunct faculty needs with chair and approves additional courses

2.)    Prepares information for contract and schedule


c.       Provost/vice president for academic affairs

1.) Establishes guidelines for employment and responsibilities of adjunct faculty

2.)    Disseminates guidelines via adjunct faculty orientation sessions and adjunct faculty handbook

3.)    Prepares contracts

4.)    Maintains employee files

B.     Candidates for teaching positions should be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

1.    There should be no question as to the academic and professional preparation and experience in the discipline concerned of the prospective employee

2.    The prospective employee must be in fundamental sympathy with the established aims and objectives of Elon University as stated in the catalog.

3.    There must be a capacity for, skill in, and devotion to teaching.

4.    There must be an interest in intellectual life and scholarship.

5.    The applicant should be willing and able to teach in Elonís interdisciplinary general studies program.


C.     Elonís president makes the official offer of employment to the candidate. The department chair is responsible to see that expenses of candidates are paid. After an official acceptance is received from the candidate, the department chair, in coordination with the search committee chair, should write all other candidates, indicating that the position has been filled.