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Data Access Overview

Graphing Water Quality Data

    Directions for Graphing Water      Quality
     Samples of Water Quality Graphs

Pollutant and Water Quality     Information

     Dissolved Oxygen
     Fecal Coliform
     Methyl-t-betyl Ether
     Turbidity & Sedimentation

Water Testing
     Fecal Coliform
     Dissolved Oxygen
     Company Websites

The HACH Company website
To contact the HACH company if you have any problems is to go to their Contact us section of their website and they give multiple ways on how to contact them.

Other companies that may carry the supplies needed

The Lamotte Company can also be used to purchase products however they do not have the option of buying online but they do give you locations where their products are sold

The Carolina Biological Company also carries the supplies that you would need and they do allow for purchase online.