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North Carolina Department of the Environment and Natural Resources

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Department of the Environment and Natural Resources

The North Carolina Department of the Environment and Natural Resources is the agency primarily invested with the responsibility of the preservation, allocation, and protection of North Carolina’s natural resources. It regulates the divisions and programs that monitor public health, air quality, and of course water quality. Assistance to schools and businesses is also under this department’s jurisdiction. Protection of wildlife and wilderness is another aspect of the department. The divisions in this department range form a zoological division responsible for the NC Zoological Park to The Division of Water Quality, perhaps the most important player in NC water issues. Many times these departmental/divisional programs are run in close conjunction to local authorities.

The North Carolina Department of the Environment and Natural Resources is the most important department or agency when considering North Carolina water issues. This department is invested with the most responsibility and authority when related to water issues. The following divisions are those related to water quality in the department of the Environment and Natural Resources.


NCDENR, 1601 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1601     


Fax  919-715-3060

William G. Ross Jr., Secretary 919-715-4102


NC Division of Forest Resources

The NC division of Forest Resources is responsible mandated to protect manage and develop the forest resources of the state. This division is involved in issues such as reforestation, forest fire prevention, pest and disease control, planning, water quality and education. The primary role of this division in water quality issues is the application “Forest Practice Guidelines” under “best management practices.” These practices/guidelines have been established to most efficiently protect resource, in this case water. This division works in conjunction with other in an effort to make such efforts successful.

1616 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1616
Phone: 919-733-2162

Fax: 919-715-4350

Director Stan Adams

Email Contact: stan.adams@ncmail.net

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NC Division of Water Resources

The NC division of Water Resources is primarily responsible for the administration of water supply assistance, water resources development, water conservation, and river basin management programs throughout North Carolina. It also has administration responsibility for Stream Watch and Project WET, two programs meant to provide environmental education. It is also the primary conduit through which the state works with the federal government on water resource programs and other connected programs. The division also conducts certain studies, including that of instream flow needs.


Mailing Address:
NC Division of Water Resources
1611 Mail Service Center



Director John Morris

Email: john.morris@ncmail.net

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Division of Parks and Recreation

The Division of Parks and Recreation is responsible for the 29 state park, 4 recreation areas, and a variety of natural areas. It is responsible conserving and protecting the recreational resources, ecological features, and natural beauty of significant for the state. It is mandated to provide safe and healthy outdoor recreational prospects and environmental education focusing on helping promote and preserve NC natural heritage. Included in this responsibility is the preservation and protection of the many surface bodies of water that are important for the natural beauty, ecological features, and recreational opportunities in North Carolina.


mailing address is 1615 MSC, Raleigh, NC 27699. Our headquarters are located at 512 N. Salisbury Street, Archdale Building, 7th Floor, Room 732

Lewis Ledford, Division Director

For questions about planning and natural resource management, click here to visit the Resource Management Program's homepage.

For questions about state parks news, contact our public information officer at (919) 715-8709 or e-mail charlie.peek@ncmail.net. Click here to visit the news homepage.

For questions about the North Carolina Parks and Recreation Trust Fund, call the program's central office at (919) 715-2661 or e-mail robin.capps@ncmail.net. Click here to visit the trust fund's homepage.

For questions about the Land and Water Conservation Fund in North Carolina, call the program's central office at (919) 715-2661 or e-mail john.poole@ncmail.net. Click here to visit the program's homepage.

For questions about the North Carolina Trails Program, call the state trails coordinator at (919) 715-8699 or e-mail darrell.mcbane@ncmail.net. Click here to visit the program's homepage.

For questions about the Natural Heritage Program or the Natural Heritage Trust Fund, click here to visit the program's homepage or click here to visit the trust fund's homepage.

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NC Division of Land Resources

The NC Division of Land Resources is responsible for assuring the state’s land and geologic resources are protected and used prudently. Using scientific investigations and maps provided by the NC geological and geodetic surveys, the division compiles information to use in public education and technical assistance for the division’s regulatory programs. These programs, run by the Land Quality Section of the division, monitor and regulate mining, dam safety, and sedimentation problems. These three areas are closely related to water issues. Sedimentation is the primary type of water pollutant, with mining being a major source of sedimentation along with other harmful water pollutants. Dams alter major water movement patterns and can have effects that range from sedimentation pollution to ecological disruption due to the changed movement patterns.



N.C. Land Quality Section
Phone 919-733-4574



Contact Person:
Gray Hauser, P.E.
State Sediment Specialist,
Land Quality Section
Phone: 919-733-4574

Contact Person:
Max Fowler, P.E.
State Dam Safety Engineer
Phone: 919-733-4574

Contact Person:
Floyd Williams, P.G.
State Mining Specialist
Phone: 919-733-4574



N.C. Geological Survey
Tyler Clark, Chief
Phone 919-733-2423


N.C. Geodetic Survey
Gary Thompson, Chief
Phone 919-733-3836




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NC Division of Water Quality

The NC division of Water Quality is responsible for the preservation of the state’s surface water and aquifers. It does this the use of regulatory practices such as quality monitoring programs, efficient permitting, responsible management, and enforcement along with providing certain public services. The division is composed of six sections which are Construction Grants & Loans, Laboratory, Surface Water Protection, Aquifer Protection, and Planning and Environmental Sciences. These sections issues pollution control permits, monitors compliance with the permits, assesses environmental quality and carries out enforcement. This division is primary agency in the state that deals with water quality.


Director Alan Klemick

Administration mailing Address - 1617 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1617

More contact info: http://h2o.enr.state.nc.us/contact.html

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NC Division of Environmental Health

The N.C. Division of Environmental Health is responsible for safeguarding and promoting human health and protecting the environment. The division fulfills this responsibility through programs that use modern environmental health sciences, the application and use of technology, regulatory rules, and public education. The division is comprised of six sections, Environmental Health Services, Public Water Supply, Public Health Pest Management, Shellfish Sanitation, On-Site Wastewater and Radiation Protection, with all but Radiation Protection having strong relationships between water and their areas of concern. The Office of Education and Training is also part of this division. This office is responsible for providing training for newly hired environmental health specialists, the authorization agents enforcing North Carolina health-related rules, the certification of public water supply operators, and general training for staff involved with environmental health issues in the state.


email: deh.service@ncmail.net

phone: 919-733-2870

Director Terry L. Pierce (hyperlink is email)

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Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Awareness

This division focuses on providing technical assistance in an effort to conserve natural resources. It has for objectives by which to do this. The first is to identify and promote best management practices through an integrated multimedia approach. Second is to develop the state recycling economy by promoting the efficient and sustainable collection, processing and end use of recycled materials. The next objective is to promote the principles of environmental management systems. Finally, the division endeavors to facilitate the integration of pollution prevention into DENR regulatory, policy and operational activities.


2728 Capitol Blvd. Rm 1G 220
Raleigh, NC 27604-1500

General switchboard: (919) 715-6500 or (800) 763-0136
Fax: (919) 715-6794

Director: Gary Hunt - (919) 715-6508

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Division of Soil and Water Conservation

The Division of Soil and Water Conservation is charged with protecting and conserving the state’s soil and water resources. The division oversees 96 established local soil and water conservation districts. It provides much technical, financial, and educational assistance at this local level. The division also has established and is running programs that are concerned with conservation easements, soil surveys, non-point source pollution management, cost share for agricultural best management practices, technical and engineering assistance, and environmental conservation education.


Mailing Address : Soil and Water Conservation, 1614 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1614
Location: 512 North Salisbury Street, Raleigh, NC 27604-1148
Main Number: (919) 733-2302 • Fax: (919) 715-3559 and/or (919)715-1738

Director - David B. Williams

Email: David.B.Williams@ncmail.net

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