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Data Access Overview

Graphing Water Quality Data

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Pollutant and Water Quality     Information
     Dissolved Oxygen
     Fecal Coliform
     Methyl-t-betyl Ether
     Turbidity & Sedimentation

Water Testing

     Fecal Coliform
     Dissolved Oxygen
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Simple Testing Methods for Pollutants

These methods were adapted from the HACH Company website whether from the water analysis handbook or other publications. All of the kits in order to complete these tests can be obtained from this company and any questions can be directed to them. The four tests here are for pH, Nitrogen, Fecal Coliform, and dissolved oxygen.

The HACH Company was referenced because we found them to be well suited for our purposes. We do not mean this site to promote or endorse the HACH Company. Other companies or industries may provide similar products as the HACH Company.