Code for Environmental Ethics Transportation Analysis Survey at Elon University Fall 2004


Live: Where do you live?

Mode: Mode of transportation to class: drive/bike/walk/tram

Do you find the tram schedule convenient to your schedule?

Which tram route is most convenient for you?

Which tram are you most likely to ride?

Can you name 5 people that ride a tram regularly?

If the tram schedule was more compatible with your schedule would you ride it?

If the tram schedule was more compatible with where you live would you ride it?

If there was a bus that went out to Burlington/Gibsonville and brought you back to campus, would you ride it? 

If there was an Elon Bus that took you to Wal-Mart/Harris Teeter/West End Cinemas regularly would you ride it? 

Not applicable to Spread sheet- Do you have any suggestions for improvement  with the tram system at Elon University? 

Parking Questions

If you have a car, do you drive to class everyday?

With a permit for parking?

Without a permit for parking?

Did you have a car as a freshman?

Do you think freshman should have the privilege of having a car at E.U.?

If you bought a permit this year, would raising the prices of permits discourage

            you from buying one next year?

If you didn’t buy one, would you risk a ticket and still try to park on campus? 

Sidewalk Questions

How often do you use the sidewalks at Elon to walk/ride a bike to class?

Do you think the sidewalk system on campus is adequate?

Do you think the sidewalk system off-campus is adequate?

If you live off-campus where there are no sidewalks, do you still walk or ride

            your bike to class?


Live: 1=Off Campus  2=On Campus

Mode: 1=Drive  2=Bike  3=Walk  4=Tram

Tram1: 1=Yes  2=No

Tram 2: Haggard=1  Lebanon=2  Daniely=3  Don’t know=4

Tram 3: 1=AM  2=Afternoon  3=Evening  4=Night  5=Not at all

Tram 4:  1=Yes  2=No

Tram 5: 1=Yes  2=No

Tram 6: 1=Yes  2=No

Tram 7: 1=Yes  2=No

Tram 8: 1=Yes  2=No

Tram 9: Not applicable – Suggestions

Park 1: 1=Yes  2=No

Park 2: 1=Yes  2=No

Park 3: 1=Yes  2=No

Park 4: 1=Yes  2=No

Park 5: 1=Yes  2=No 3=Not applicable

Park 6: 1=Yes  2=No  3=Not applicable

Park 7: 1=Yes  2=No  3=Not applicable

Side 1: 1=Always  2=Sometimes  3=Never

Side 2: 1=Yes  2=No

Side 3: 1=Yes  2=No

Side 4: 1=Yes  2=No