Elon is just under 120 years young, and we have many places yet to go in our life as an educational, social, cultural and ecological community. Some opportunity is readily seen; but the richest deposits are deep in the shadows.

This forum has arisen from within the Elon community to call on our personal and collective imagination; to draw out and illuminate the gifts from that living world of opportunity, in the spirit of adaptation and leadership. May the new life of your & our ideas here, cultivate creative visions for Elon in idea and practice.

So where do YOU see the opportunities?
That unending, vital, but unseen or misused space at Elon? Think one year, five years, fifteen, fifty, and beyond! Read other ideas and expand on them. Add new ones. Ask questions. Take risks. Take care with criticism (how COULD it work?). And throw down some thoughts.

Let's see what we can remake of ourselves!
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