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Elon Greens Mission and Philosophy Statement

A national organization, Campus Greens, Inc., was launched in 2001 as a non-profit organization to address the lack of progressive politics on the many college campuses across the United States. The Campus Greens were formed out of the tremendous energy and enthusiasm created by the presidential campaign in the year 2000. Over 900 "Students For Nader/LaDuke" groups and Campus Green Parties were formed during the election cycle to signify the demand for a new political landscape that recognizes the rights of people over corporate profit.

The purpose of the Campus Greens is to link like-minded student activists across the country with one another to share ideas, resources, and work on issue campaigns. The Campus Greens are unique from other activist organizations because we not only work to further progressive causes, we seek to engage Green students in every aspect of the electoral process. The Campus Greens are not legally or financially affiliated with any political party.

As a local chapter of the national organization, the purpose of Elon Greens is to facilitate the active participation of students, faculty/staff member, and members of the local community in Green issue campaigns and Green Party politics as activists and even candidates. Elon Greens will serve Elon as a unifying force, building coalitions with all varieties of student groups in cooperation to achieve common goals. Our organization will actively participate in nationwide campaigns regarding issues relevant to campus activism and student life. Elon Greens will take advantage of every possible opportunity to promote and uphold the Ten Key Values of the Green Party, concentrating on issues at a local level and also encompassing broader, more national issues. These Ten Key values on which Elon Greens is based are: Respect for Diversity, Social Justice, Grassroots Democracy, Feminism, Community Based Economics, Decentralization, Ecological Wisdom, Nonviolence, Personal and Global Responsibility, and Future Focus.

Not only will Elon Greens serve Elon by unifying a wide variety of groups to achieve common goals, we will also promote the academic mission of the school by serving as a source of environmentally and socially aware information to the student body. In doing so, we will enrich the academic culture at Elon by producing a more aware and active student body.

Elon Greens will not only serve the students and academic culture of Elon, but also the local community surrounding the school. By following the Green belief of thinking globally acting locally, Elon Greens will work for justice starting right here in Elon, North Carolina.

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