For the purposes of this website, and because the national Campus Greens organization stresses concentration on local issues, this page covers our efforts to further local interests only. For more information on the national and/or international issues we are concerned about, look to the Links page.

A local Bar-B-Que business is looking to construct a Hog Processing Plant in Alamance County. While we support the growth of a small business, we oppose the environmentally destructive methods that will be used at the plant, including a waste lagoon and spray fields. A letter of concern is available for you to print out and send here. Please address the letter to:
NC Division of Water Quality
Non Discharge Permit Unit
c/o Roy Davis
1617 Mail Service Center
Raliegh, NC 27699-1617
The time set aside for public comment ends on May25th, and the semester is, of course, at an end, so please send your letters quickly. Thank you!
The Elon Greens are currently circulating the following three petitions in order to voice local concerns regarding important social justice issues:

NC is one of only 3 states
that have yet to recognize the Greens.
The 1st petition's goal is to gather enough signatures necessary for the State to recognize the Green Party as a political party, in effect placing the Green Party on the NC ballots. This petition is the only of the three where the person who signs must be a registered NC voter and must sign their name and address exactely as registered, filling in the correct county at the top. The address of where to send the petition is also found at the top. For a printable copy of the petition to add your signature and/or to gather others, click here.
The next petition asks that Alamance County prohibit the purchase of anything manufactured in a sweatshop. We believe that child labor, harsh working conditions, and wages that guarantee a life of poverty for employees, make sweatshop goods tainted. For a printable copy of the sweatshop petition, click here.
Last but certainly not least, we have a petition concerning the death penalty. Signing this petition does not say you are either for or against the death penalty. All it says is that you agree that the existing legislation can be discriminatory and must be revisted before more executions occur, to weed out inequity in sentencing. Click here.
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