Importing video to computer
  • At bottom of monitor screen, toggle the blue ball to import mode (movie camera) from the scissors (edit mode)
  • The blue screen should say "camera connected"
  • If the blue screen says "camera disconnected" it could be a bad FireWire, the computer, or the camera--Confirm camera is on VCR
  • Rewind video to beginning of footage
  • Preview footage to identify shots to import
  • Locate desired footage to import
  • Press play and then import
Import footage
  • Select import to import all footage at once
  • Import clips by pressing import to start and stop the importing (the spacebar can also be used to start and stop importing)
  • If the time and date was not set on the camera when shooting began, the computer will import the footage into one big clip--If this happens, divide footage into individual clips by splitting video
  • Edit -> Split video clip at playhead
  • Import all footage for project
  • After importing footage save immediately and save often--Computers will periodically freeze so it is critical to save work regularly
  • File -> Save project
Re-naming clips
  • Click on bottom of clips
  • Re-name clips appropriately to help identify what each clip is
  • Move clips within your Clips Pane in a logical order to be easily identified at a later date
Deleting footage
  • Click on the individual clips to watch the footage
  • Delete only unnecessary footage
  • Split the clip to create multiple clips and delete unnecessary footage (Edit -> Split video clip at playhead)
  • Put cursor arrow right below the playhead - crop markers will appear, drag the arrow over the part of the clip to delete--hit delete to remove unnecessary footage
Copy and Paste footage
  • Copy and paste clips down to the clip viewer or timeline viewer--therefore the original clip is available to return to later during editing
  • Edit ->
    Copy -> Paste
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