Connecting the camera to the computer
  • Confirm the camera is off
  • Connect FireWire to the camera (DV port on camera) and to the computer (FireWire hub next to computer screen)
  • Turn the camera to VCR once FireWire is plugged in
Using the DV deck
  • Put DV tape in the deck
  • Select the input for the camera
Open iMovie
  • Double click on Macintosh HD icon on the desktop
  • Go to applications and double click on iMovie icon
  • In the dock at the bottom of the monitor screen find the start folder
  • Find the iMovie icon in the folder
  • Double click on the icon and the iMovie program will launch
Start new project
  • File -> New Project
  • Save as ->
    instructor's name-student's name
iMovie website-getting started
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