Adding effects
  • In the menu bar choose the effects button
  • Select the clip to add the effect--select the effect and then hit apply
  • Effects menu provides the following options:
    • Change when the effect comes in
    • Change when the effect goes out
    • Individual effects have different adjustments that can be made
  • Just as with transitions, only apply effects where it will enhance the story and project--do not overuse effects
To create a still frame
  • Edit -> Create Still Frame
  • This will create a five second clip in the Clips Pane--cut this down to any length by editing
Reverse clip direction
  • This effect will reverse the direction of the action in your clip
  • Advanced -> Reverse Clip Direction
Speed of clip
  • The speed of the clip can be changed to go faster or slower than original speed
  • At the bottom of the screen is a rabbit and turtle icon--this bar allows changes in the speed of the clip
  • To change the speed--select the clip to change and then move the arrow towards the rabbit to make it faster or towards the turtle to make it slower
  • The speed of the clip can be changed at any time or put back to the original speed by moving the arrow back to the center
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