Editing audio
  • For audio, select the audio button on the menu bar
  • There are a few ways to accomplish good audio in this program...first on the very bottom of the iMovie screen it is possible to adjust the volume of the clips
  • Select the audio clip to change and then drag the blue ball up or down accordingly or change the percentage of the volume
  • To edit more precisely...check the edit volume box at the bottom of the screen to see the volume level bar on all the audio
Fading in and out the audio
  • To fade in or fade out...figure out the duration of the fade and click on the volume level bar--this will create a marker to be used for fade in or fade out
  • Drag the volume level bar down at the beginning or the end to create a fade in or fade out
  • Follow the same fade in/fade out directions to form changes in the audio levels throughout the project
  • Make a marker on the volume level bar and drag up or down accordingly--this also works with multiple tracks of audio (remember you have two audio tracks)
Extracting audio
  • When importing clips into iMovie the video and audio tracks are merged together--to separate the two extract the audio from the video and work with them on separate tracks (This is especially effective to extract audio from an interview to put over b-roll)
  • Determine how much of the audio in the clip to extract and select the video--to extract the audio go to Advanced in the menu bar at the top of the screen and scroll down to extract audio
  • The audio will separate from the video clip and move down to the audio track
Splitting audio
  • Audio clips can also be split--Highlight the clip and put the playhead in between the two frames of audio to split
  • Edit -> Split Selected Audio Clip at Playhead
Muting the audio
  • Muting audio on any of the three tracks is done by going to the far right of the timeline viewer where three boxes with check marks are--to turn off the audio on one of the tracks uncheck the box--this will mute the audio in that track
Audio menu
  • With the audio tab...there are three types of audio to import into iMovie
  • In the audio track a bar appears while it is recording the voice over
  • When adding sound effects, CD tracks or music tracks from iTunes, select the audio file to take down to the timeline viewer and drag it to the track--the audio files can be moved anywhere on either audio track throughout the movie
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