Connecting External Devices to Mac OSX
  • New Macs have FireWire (also known as IEEE 1394 or iLink) ports and USB ports --keyboards, mice, drawing tables, digital photo cameras, external Zip and floppy drives, printers and some software dongles connect to the USB ports
  • FireWire drives (for DV files, for example) and digital video camera connect via FireWire -- multiple FireWire devices can be daisy-chained
  • USB devices can be connected and disconnected at will
  • When a digital camera is connected, iPhoto will launch automatically -- many other devices are immediately detected and identified, but some devices (such as a scanner) may require a download or installation of some software or plug-in
Ejecting Removable Media
  • When removable media is inserted its icon appears on the desktop
  • One improvement over earlier operating systems is that when the user starts to drag the disk to the trashcan (a disconnecting mental image for WinTel users), the icon changes to an Eject Key icon
Alternate Ejection Method
  • Click once on a disc or Zip icon and press Command+e (Apple+e) it is ejected - provided no documents are open related to it -- sometimes you may have to click on the finder and then back on the icon you wish to eject to have permission to eject it
  • The keyboard on the new Macs has an eject key in the upper right corner -- this will eject CDs
  • Of note is also the problem of icons that do NOT appear on your desktop -- by going to Finder > Preferences you can see what your settings are for showing icons, folder behaviors, and other behaviors
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Connecting FireWire drives
  • Make sure the FireWire drive power is off before connecting to computer port
  • After turning on the drive's power, it will spin up, communicate with OSX, and it's icon will appear on the desktop
  • When finished, drag the icon to the trashcan/eject button, wait for the drive to spin down, turn off the power and disconnect
  • DV cameras should also have their power off when connecting or disconnecting
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